The failure of Enlightment

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The secret of enlightenment, has become a courious  way of entertainment, and also a consequence of the result of this new Era, the Era of the information. I remember the first time that I came across one video that talked about the “enlightment through LSD and Ayahuasca” and all those kind of things, and of course I am sure that many who have used such substances could fairly said that it´s not an experience that they searched for the means of their own addiction… No, it was for their enlightment…

It doesn’t seems strange to look at two people competing or fighting each other to attain something, because all the result of evolution has become defined in many ways to the size of everything that we develop; now, excuse my franquness but I sincerely believe that enlightenment has become another form of competition, another race between the people who tries to reach a certain level of vibration or knowledge or whatever, because I mean, you can see like this people who is really committed with the necessary discipline and dedication to reach such point of understanding of themselves as one and equal with all the universe and it´s not a quest/question that is defined or limited to an experience of it, is more like a real call, even a need for this union/unification/vincle of themselves with life.

Such starting point, doesn´t need, depend or require of any substance (and I call it substance and not drug because we could fairly say that most of the things that we buy today, like sugar, coffe, tea and so on, are also drugs or substances that we use to get a certain point of energy or mental state)

And yet, it would also be quite unfair if I didn´t spoke about my own experience and my addiction to this experiences that I searched through several substances, call it Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy and so on, but it has been more than 2 years since I stopped my participaction in any kind of this particular substances and I feel now with enough “authority” within myself to speak about what I have realized in relation to this point and mainly in regards to the very abuse of enlightment itself.

So, here I was 5 years ago, following this believes in vibrations and energetic movements around the energetic fields of the earth and you know, following the positive energy and rejecting the negative energy, but for some reason, my world would still be the same and this is something that I could notice in many people that I have known throughout my life that participated  within the same points and principles (even if they used drugs or not) you know, people who would only focus on the positive energy and would meditate and try to raise their vibration, but what is interesting is that you would see at their life in general and they would deal with exactly the same problems that everyone does, no change in any way whatsoever, they would even be despiteful with their own loved ones as you can see it with many other families and that makes one wonder if all this time that is spent on searching such positive energy has any real benefit in anyway whatsoever?

I also went into this whole “artistic search” around the visual experiences within substances like LSD, and you know in spite of this whole “freedom of expression” type of thing that I pretend to justify through my participation of such substances and this search for my own positive experience, it would not be until I give up any and all experiences that actually my artistic skills began to enhance and that I would really notice a change within my expression at all levels, including of course the critical reasoning; and the main reason that I have found for this, is because there is no possible wisdom or knowledge that can come from commodity, I mean to give up my addcition to drugs was something that really pushed me to my limits, it was everything but comfortable, and the same happens when you see the people trying to meditate in the positive experience or the remain in a positive experience, trying to find their own commodity within that experience and waiting for everything to get solved and fall into place, it´s not going to happen if you don´t move, and that requires you to move out of your own comfortability, your pown point of commodity.

If you are really serious about supporting yourself, I can only suggest you the same process that supported me, no substance, no meditation, no positivity is going to do it for you, you have to do it yourself:

Desteni I Process

Life seems to be a complex puzzle of emotions, feelings and happenings we seemingly don’t know how to relate to or direct. Many of us choose to cling to some kind of religion, spirituality or something the consumerist society provides for us. We endlessly search for that which we would like to call “My true self”.

Desteni I Process is an online course where you’ll learn essential life skills and practice simple common-sense tools such as self-forgiveness, writing and self-corrective application. Based on years of research & practice, developed with attention to detail, proven by hundreds of people and delivered to you comfortably through the web.

Become Someone You’re Satisfied With.

Learn how to work with patterns and systems within and as yourself.

Acquire the necessary tools to identify the recurring problems that are causing friction within your life and do so in specificity and detail.

Understand the problem in it’s entirety.

Develop the ability to pull all the threads together and construct the whole picture of what it is you’re going to take on and eventually transcend.

Toss out the garbage.

Master tools and approaches with which you can take apart and deconstruct thoughts, feelings and emotions and remove the control and influence they have over you.

Define who you want to be.

Once the old patterns that do not serve you are gone you can design the new you. Gain understanding into how to consider your reality as a whole and how to position yourself for the ultimate outcome that is best for all.

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    Treppenlifte escribió:
    15 junio, 2013 en 6:15

    I think this is among the most important information for me.

    And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

    Antoinette escribió:
    17 junio, 2013 en 21:03

    Hello colleagues, its enormous paragraph about educationand entirely explained, keep it up all the time.


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