What is Life?

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What do we really know about life? Since the beginning of the appearance of the humans in this world, we have tried to answer this kind of questions, What are we?, Who am I?, Where are we going?. Well lets us begin with this questions as the basis of our very existence, lets start by looking at the first one: What are we?

Now, before you start claiming our physical conformation based on atoms, quarks, substance, etc…; Yes, it is indeed what we are as the human physical body one and equal with the physical that is this world, this universe, but i want to begin with the part that is constantly and continuously exploring, expanding itself as an unconditional expression, unfortunately you have been suppressed by certain specific systems that, if you are already walking the desteniiprocess, you must be already aware of the simple point that is self honesty and self dishonesty, if you are not aware of what we are discussing in this blog, i suggest to visit the Desteni web site, you are able to find the links at the end of this blog, but let me continue; self honesty is the point in which you realize yourself as the point that you are as responsibility, the directive principle of yourself in which you realize yourself as the movement and direction that you give to yourself trough opening and exposing yourself unconditionally in every single point that you have allowed yourself to participate and exist as ego or personalities within and as the other point that is self dishonesty.

You may have and claim many aspects of yourself, as “attributes, abilities, personalities, etc…” and you may have come to believe that you are entirely this definitions in which all you have ever known about yourself is this ego = soul construct. Nevertheless you will soon realize as we move within this blog, that everything you have ever known, is limitation, Why? Simple, because you allowed yourself to define everything of yourself within this specific: attributes, abilities, personalities, etc…; based on your memories, in your parents, in what you have lived until this moment. Therefore you are able to know one thing, everything of your life, has been pre programmed, predetermined even before your birth to be what it is, to be what you believe yourself to be, because have a look at this world, everything was already placed when you came to this world, nobody asked you if this is the kind of world in which you would prefer to live, it just is the way it is and you know what? you have no other choice, very different to what you would here from any religious guy that tells you that you have free will, really? Then tell me, isn´t true that in this precise moment or maybe when you speak to somebody on the street or when you take “the apparent decision to buy an ice cream” there is something already moving within your self? I am of course speaking of the thoughts, emotions and feelings that you experience within yourself, those movements within yourself that you do not question, that you just accept and take them as something normal and usual, as usual as everybody else in this world, walking on the street and reading the news paper in which you can find posts like this one: Last night were found two bodies inside plastic bags, sounds normal, you know?

What may could result interesting to you, is that the guy that comet the murder maybe was experiencing exactly the same, that you are experiencing right now within yourself, fear and doubt, yes, by judging yourself within and as one specific situation you are stating already that you fear this world and that you are not able to make any mistake which make you doubt, yes, but no from this world, from yourself; no longer the unconditional expression that one expects, isn´t it? We have become predictable, we have separated ourselves from the true life that we are, as the infinite expression of ourselves, everything in which you stand one and equal you become that and you live as that, now tell me, what is what you are able to see in front of yourself, right now? Exactly we have become machines, because that is what the human creates, that is what we express as what exist within ourselves, quite a little shocking to realize, but, the reality is right in front of ourselves and to deny it would be the same that to deny that we are the responsibles for everything that exist within this world: war, starvation, poverty, illnesses, prostitution, rape, murder, child abuse, etc…, Why? Because we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be that, to become that, we are in fact no longer part of life, because we have lived within and as the memories within ourselves, as the emotions and feelings, as a CONSCIOUSNESS SYSTEM that is able to be program; Have you ever feared to be manipulated? Is it that the fear within yourself is showing you, who you really are behind that fear? why would you fear such a thing? why would you fear things like the inevitability of death? something that every human being is going to experience and that will inevitably happen, Why?Because you have accepted and allowed yourself to be that.

The second question: Who am I? since the moment you were told to live and accept yourself as that definitions, by your parents, by your teaches, by the people around you, in the exact same way, they were told to be and become what they are, nothing of what you have ever lived in your life is real, not because this reality is not real, this physical reality is very, very real, what is not real is the illusion about this reality, What are we? look in your room, point anything that you have around yourself and you will realize the following, it already have a name, a definition of itself of what it is, and what is able to be, maybe you will never see your computer as a hat, well…maybe; but, what i really want you to understand is that all of who you are is defined within these attributes, abilities, personalities, etc…; that complements who you are, and you live like that, you behave like that, but you never really consider, what would happen if I die and I were to realize that I am still here, not as a body, just remaining as the expression that you are, but you realize something fascinating, everything that you have ever known of yourself, is no longer here, your memories die, with your human physical body, every single DNA code that store the programmed information within yourself is no longer here, you cannot even remember your name, then you may probably be asking, but what am I really? You are One and Equal with all of existence, all what you have accepted this existence to be remains, the difference is that you are no longer here, now you may have listened to the statements of the scientist telling that the 99% of everything that exist within this existence is space, well by taking into consideration, atoms, substances, cells, quarks, etc…, yes it is so, but the matter that matters is that everything within and as this space is not empty at all, it is full, of itself, the space is nowhere, because to be somewhere it would have to be within more space, therefore what does it really means to be here as the breath that you are as the moment inside and out within and as the breath? Presence of yourself, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient

What are you as the directive principle of yourself? responsible for everything that exist within and as you and you have accepted the existence to be what it is therefore it exist within yourself that accepted and allowed definition of yourself as the existence therefore you are responsible and powerful enough to handle yourself within and as this existence, you are presence within and as the breath that is here, within the presence of existence, you are everywhere, you expand and explore yourself as long as you ask to yourself, you are able to move and direct yourself specifically therefore by using common sense and being brutally self honest, you are able to see to realize what is here as yourself, the solution to this world is within each and everyone of us as oneness and equality, taking responsibility for each other and for everything that we have created as ourselves therefore, we take responsibility to walk the change as ourselves so that we are able to correct the definitions within and as ourselves

and the last one: Where are we going? This one already indicates a movement, a development of ourselves, what has been the confusion then? The search for a purpose, for a fulfillment of answering ourselves in the search of the reason and origin of our design, nevertheless, this design of purpose has become the principle of our justification to believe ourselves to be something more than what we really are, within the context of oneness and equality with life as life.

The search for a purpose means a search for something that we are able to trust, means a search for ourselves within the confusion and the feeling that we are somehow lost. Maybe you are asking, but could this means that we have lost our purpose? Let me continue. Is not possible to look at this point without touching the point of the design of god, creator/created/creation, What does it really means that something within this reality or this existence, something like a god was “created”, as the creation of a creator? The following: The movement and development of ourselves as creator/created/creation within what we accept and allow and what we don´t accept and allow ourselves to “BE AND BECOME” means that the principle of movement as what we really are has been placed in separation of ourselves as what we really are, within the idea and illusion of choice and free will, Why? Let´s say that you have this multiple different options within a situation that you face within your reality, this options and choices marks the beginning of a path that you are able to choose and that will inevitably drive you to an end, Very simple equation, Life and Death, The beginning of “Life is marked by the creation of an end that is death”, BUT, something very interesting has been missed within this point and that is the consequence of choosing a path, a choice that has been already pre-programmed, the choice was already there for you to see it, to choose it, driving you to an inevitable end that was already placed since the very beginning, in every moment of your life, in every movement that you make, in every single thought, emotion, feeling that you have there is a consideration based on the preference that you may consider as more valuable than other preferences by the design of you ego personality.

You may state that you have free will or free choice, really? then what are this choices showing you? You are considering this choices because you are already programmed with “preferences”, call them, the ego personality that makes you apparently able to drive yourself to take something more into consideration than other things giving to you the illusion of freedom and that was pre programmed as well, by this moment that could “justify” the existence of a creator before you, well yes, that could be your parents, within the past as the experience and the choices that your parents make before you, that is what we know as history, but now let´s return to the point of purpose, the idea of a purpose makes the illusion of choice that was make for you to choose it, making of yourself the apparent creator and the developer of your purpose in the “decision” of what is what you were going to be and become,not really considering that the life path that you choose was already placed for you in an apparent idea that you are free to choose the life that you would like to experience, but that life was a design that you are experiencing as a personality that was already like a suit for you in which you play a role within this reality, this world within a system that has trapped you in a consumerist way of existence that we like or preferred to call “Life”, is that really life? Obviously not.

Maybe you are asking, could this mean that death is a choice? Well yes, Death as the end of the pre programmed life cycle, since the very moment that you have allowed yourself to think, and to DOUBT of yourself you have made the choice, as your body has begun to deplete itself in a very basic law of movement (every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it) that means that the depletion of the human physical body is the consequence of the choice that has been made within ourselves by allowing ourselves to go into our thoughts as memories, feelings, emotions, etc…; because you have choose your life (yes, you have choose the life that you are living, even before your birth, in a pre programmed choose that you have within yourself as your DNA, your parents are the reflection of yourself and you are in fact your parents, you have choose your end); Death is not something to be feared, death as the definition that we have placed within death as a emptiness that apparently we should fear, is no more than the change of one form to another and is necessary that we embrace our death as part of this life, as the allowance of ourselves to become the point of change and is not necessary to wait for death to allow ourselves to stop fucking with ourselves existing in fear to change ourselves to take responsibility for what we have created in this world within oneness and equality as all as one as equals with everything that exist.

Then what does it really means this movement as expression as what we really are? Is the choice of not being able to have a choice but a development of ourselves within facing ourselves in every situation by not allowing ourselves to do anything else but to be self honest with ourselves and always consider what is best for all (consider the group as all life as who we really are to not allow ourselves to separate ourselves of life, in a definition as fear of death), look at this existence in its totality always in motion, always developing new forms and species, galaxies, universes, etc…; its always moving the matter (the comprehension of itself, lol) to express other forms in constant and continuous change and using the forms that died to take its matter and use it in a new form, Death does not exist and life as the real expression of ourselves has never really existed, is something that we have to develop within ourselves to get to self-perfection.

Before we end this blog we have to consider the following, is there any reason or purpose to be here? is there anything that we should find in separation of ourselves to be able to trust ourselves and therefore to allow ourselves to live the change as the change of ourselves in expression of what we really are? this are the basic mathematics 1+1+1, you get one point done and you are able to move to another, you solve a limitation within yourself and you move to the next one to solve it, until you get to self-perfection, (Bernard Poolman)

So, what is life? come on, ignorance is not bliss, so don´t tell me that you are free because you don´t know what life is because apparently no one is able to tell you what to do because no one even knows what you are, when obviously you are following a program and you are subject to the laws of this system, life is what is here, have a honest look in this world, what do you see? Is that life? obviously life has never been realized, because what you see and touch is the real reality, ask yourself, What the F*ck have we done to life? because we have believed that life is not here, is with god, BULLSHIT!! the physical is god, it provides unconditionally and look at this world!!! Time to wake up!!

Join the desteniiprocess and lets change the definition of life to something that is best for all

investigate the links, join the forums, lets solve this fuck up



(the draw from above, myself playing with the airbrush)

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    egozzini escribió:
    25 enero, 2012 en 5:21

    Reblogged this on eleonoragozzini.

    egozzini escribió:
    25 enero, 2012 en 5:21

    Are those your drawings ? and what is your full name ? I have liked your blog very much and reposted it on facebook and on my blog too 🙂 Eleonora

      arteexpression respondido:
      30 enero, 2012 en 0:58

      Yes, my name is Gabriel Aceves Higareda, thank you very much for visit my blogs :p

    Zameen Khan Khakwani escribió:
    2 marzo, 2013 en 16:43

    What do u meant by desteniprocess

      arteexpression respondido:
      10 marzo, 2013 en 14:19

      the desteniiprocess is a course for each human being in which they can equalize their mind constructs and ideas to a way in which everyone learn how to consider what is best for all, within that, the result is a society that actually care for each other and that would make possible the equal money capitalism, which is a new system that we are proposing

      more information on: desteniiprocess.com and equalmoney.org


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