The importance of redefine the vocabulary: (Entertainment = Enter trainment = Enter train ment)

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So, I want to begin this blog by sharing a chat that i had with one of my friends in a discussion about the control that exist within this reality, He tell me that the elite of this world were idiots because the system was a shit that does not support all the people equally and i responded to him; I don´t believe that they are stupid because if they have worked and take the time to implement a super mind control over this reality then they know exactly what they are doing.

Let´s consider that all the vocabulary that we speak has an specific meaning that is programmed and it´s linked to a picture within our minds that is charged with an specific energetic emotional charge that remains within yourself as the sound frequency that you specifically have to pronounce to be able to make statements that are able to be understand by each and every single human being within this world, and every single word has a specific program definition that has to be placed in a certain specific placement within those phrases to give the whole idea of what we want to express, but what we are expressing is a definition of ourselves accordingly to those ideas, is not really what we are, is just ourselves speaking from a knowledge perspective therefore, how can we are able to even trust the words that we speak if we don´t take responsibility (response ability) for every single word that we speak, can you imagine all what you are creating within other people, all the memories, ideas, believes, personalities that you are “bringing within themselves”?

It takes a lot of work to write a dictionary, to make of every single word a definition that have a certain specific reaction within the mind, to make the specific placement within the educational system in a way that you are subject to the knowledge that you are able to attain within yourself to be able to get a specific placement within the entire structure of the system and the school is not just for that, you will realize that the specific placement of the teacher as the authority that has power over you holds a unconscious representation as he have all this knowledge that makes him “smarter and greater than you” is the placement of respect, the competition for approval that everyone is trying to reach to be able to be accepted and recognized for everyone so that they become the new “authority” to which you will obey and follow. I mean everybody is participating within all this mind fuck up.

Now, imagine this, the elite makes you believe that they are stupid, assholes, but at the same time, they are making you feel better with yourself, so that you don´t try to get out of your condition of “stupidity” so to speak, because now you feel like you are very smart and very intelligent by calling someone else a complete asshole, is that really so? Well, now let´s consider that all have a very specific desire within themselves, this is the desire for money, the desire for the best experiences, the desire for sex; everyone is trying to reach the better position within the system so that they are able to impose their control over other people, therefore if everyone is competing against each other, doesn´t that make free the elite to do whatever the fuck they want right in front of you and you will not do anything because you believe yourself to be so fucking incapable to do anything because you don´t have tons of money like they have, but is not your responsibility at the same time because you are so fucking clever and I am not stating all this to make you be afraid of something or someone or even of yourself, what I want you to realize is that we are responsible for every single thing and word that we speak and that by taking responsibility we are able to re direct ourselves as we speak those words, because the entire sound resonates within our physical body and it gets within our DNA and therefore we “re create” ourselves “re birth” everything of ourselves as the words that we speak

for example:
Lets look at this specific word Entertainment now lets divide this word accordingly to the sounds within it and the specific definitions that the implicit words within the word entertainment have: Enter tainment = Enter trainment = Enter train ment (mind), If you look at media, all the situations that are bring with the specific personalities of the actors, the way they look, speak, behave, everything of that is something that is admired by all of us as we see this movies and we try to become them by buying the same clothes, using the same phrases, etc… making of us equal and one with that definition, you could see it from this perspective, all this world is participating within a movie because everyone is copying the personalities of someone else by speaking the knowledge and information that makes the equal and one with that definition, it can be strength, knowledge, a picture presentation, etc…, Train = the thoughts, memories and pictures will be your driving point as you allow yourself to be directed by this thoughts, memories, pictures; mind = within yourself as yourself by giving your power as the point of attention that you are away from yourself; this means the directive principle as responsibility that you are within and as your physical breath that is what you are here in the physical REALITY in which we exist.

Now, lets look at the definition of God every christian tries to become that definition of God by speaking his words and that means they become equal and one with the words of God therefore they are the manifestation of “God-man” = Good man on earth, the question is: are they taking the responsibility for this words? for this creation? look at poverty and look at charity, charity exist because poverty exist and the people allows poverty to exist so that they can create an idea of support by giving charity to that people so that they can believe that they are good, when in fact they are making that people dependent of that point creating and allowing more poverty

It´s fascinating to look within ourselves within writing and exposing ourselves within and as self honesty, how we can look in our memories, in our thoughts, events that happened many years ago and we are able to access those memories because we are able to identify ourselves with that memories, but maybe, we are not able to remember the breakfast, then, what is really going on? If we have defined themselves in a certain specific way that means that we are subject to that definition as limitation, because apparently that is “who you are” nevertheless we are participating within all this system and that makes us directly responsible for this competition because the people that is within those positions is exactly the same like us the only difference is that they move themselves, therefore we have to actually do something to be able to manifest and change something, is not going to just happen by itself

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