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The Image and Likeness of God

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Within the Mathematics, I realized a fascinating point, I wasn´t able understand what Mathematics really are, therefore I tried to give it a way to understand them as myself, by placing them as the actual representation of movement that one makes in order to attain the specific result that is determined for «what is neccesary to be done until is done» by REMOVING THE POINT WHERE FREE WILL APPARENTLY EXISTS.

Ask yourself: ¿WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL? the equalization of everything as Self within the movement to «Perfection»

As you are and become the point of trust and value within yourself you actually become the value of Y as potential and X as direction, the man is X,Y chromosomes and the female is XX, but the female and the male are actually one and equal from the perspective that the chromosome Y is actually the result of the depletion of the chromosome X, that is in fact what we know as the Y

Then what you can actually see within these mathematical equations is that it gives an specific outcome accordingly to the application of this values X and Y within the equation that you apply as yourself being the value X and Y, therefore you have this diverse multiple points as each and every number in the specific placement that you can define as the situation within the equation that is the point that you are facing in order to attain the result that will equalize the equation as the order of the numbers that is the order of your words and your definitions and in every single number that represents the placement of a definition of something, a phrase or a word, for each point that is able to be related in the X and Y values that is yourself

In that you can see a pattern within your words, your thoughts, each and every single personality that is based and form with words placed in an specific way to form your personality in each and every moment, and when you look at the exponential numbers, is like the addition of a sound frequency (voice tonality and ideas that you use and speak about) that gives you like the «adding of ideas to an specific value X,Y» and from that you can see another point that is for example the cultural ideas in your society, morality, good and bad, etc…, the specific order of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you will order within your mind will equate yourself to the «accepted pattern personality that is expected from you to be and become», from that this will be placed now under a constitution that will give rules and limitations to your personality so that it just develop itself to a certain specific point, that is and will be the result of a country that is in fact the reflection of a person ruled and directed by their laws that is the acceptances and allowances of all your states of personality and every single person representing the diverse thoughts and memories of who you are, apparently that represent at the same time the acceptance and allowance of yourself to remain within the actual experience of yourself as that «system» ruled and moving itself within the principle and basis of that equations, (PHI VALUE, FIBONACCI SEQUENCE) as the repetition of itself as the past repeating itself over and over again, same patterns, same history over and over again

If you look at the theory of Einstein: the universe formed by cords vibrating to an specific frequency that is in fact the sound frequency of the physical giving sound and movement to what you see as the picture reality and this as the result of the vibration and movement of the molecules in an specific pattern and this at the same time determined by the density of every single quimical substance that has its placement determined at the same time accordingly to a nomenclature and a value as X and Y values within the equation of the existence that is ourselves, being the mathematical equations the result of the movement of ourselves within an specific situation that establish, «A MAP» (the map of yourself)

The circle is the starting point of each and every single letter of the ABC(why the circle? it represents: expansion, expression, perfection), if you place your hands, forming a circle and from that starting point you move your thumbs until you form something similar like a Heart, you will see the A, and then if you form 2 circles you will have the B, and from that movements you can do every single letter, every single number, every single form, and pattern stretching the circle as the geometrical movements that forms a pattern, this geometrical patterns are the result of a frequency that you speak through words, the A sounds like an A because if you speak the letter A, you will feel that your throat vibrate accordingly to that sound and is like the circle that is your throat stretching itself to form an A.

We are the image and likeness of God as the reflection of what we really within this physical body formed by molecules moving accordingly to the frequency that is the sound expression of yourself, linking all those molecules in a specific mathematical equation that is yourself; the universe at the same time is Space, many many space, the 99% of it is space, but the mathematical equation is only giving the «result, the pattern» of your map that looks like coordinates and angles that represent the specific point that is occupied by the manifested atom, molecule, etc., around the real «thing» existing within the space, THAT IS NOT EMPTY BUT FULL OF ITSELF, as Self.

The idea of a God exist as words, as memory, but God at the same time is defined accordingly to judgments and ideas within your head forming the pattern «the spirit within yourself», and if you look at the real purpose of God, like any other person when you believe that you have done something wrong, you have to «ask for forgiveness», the real purpose of the God that you have «offended» by your sins that were given to you in the first place, lol, is to FORGIVE YOURSELF, therefore, the words that you speak as the actual words of the image and likeness of God become equal and one to the forgiveness that is in fact, SELF-Forgiveness, as the authority that you become when you take responsibility for yourself as the authority equal and one with God to forgive yourself.

The breath is in fact the reflection of a little Big Bang within yourself, because, everything of yourself, as the «decision, movement, and determination within the motivation to live, to exist, to be here», what was in the beginning of the Universe? what has been always been here, Ourselves as the space, as infinite and undefined expression that is self.

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The value of the Human Physical Body and the ilusón of the eternal life

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It´s not a secret that many people is daily sale to use them for prostitution, for labor or to sell their organs and it´s not a secret that with these sales many people, between them many doctors earns a lot of money, but what about the people that sell the organs of their beloved ones?

I didn´t know that many associations used the technique of saying to the family that if they donate the organs of their beloved ones it was like making their beloved ones to be alive once again and there has been many cases were the people has been incarcerated for spying in the houses of other people seeking for their beloved ones.

The psychological studies about this cases reveal that the manipulation and the influence that is used and abused by these companies is possible due to fear of dead and fear of loss existing in all the people.

The solution is within DesteniIprocess, to face your own fears and to establish a world were dead is no longer consider something to be feared by removing the principle of survival with an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, JOIN US