The Codes of Gender, Documentary

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The Codes of Gender: Please first watch this documentary before reading this breve post

While seeing this documentary I realized something quite interesting about our social norms that are constantly reflecting the “nature” of our system, because seeing the definition in itself of a law:

A body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by controlling authority.

By this, what I am trying to bring into consideration when you watch this documentary, is that the conduct that has been tried to control, is not really understood at all, because one may perceive that within a “controlled environment”, one has control, but do we really have control of the crimes against humanity being done each and every single second in this existence? Do we really understand the implications of making something that we don´t really comprehend as this physical existence to be something that is certainly something so limited in the construction of our minds defined by our emotions and feelings?

The codes, the rules, the laws of conduct that are pretending to control the human nature, are really controlling human nature? or what is it that they are controlling?

It has been repeated over and over again, yet I guess that the simple way of understanding the message is by saying it directly: Our codes, rules, norms, laws, are made over the perception created by our own mind, that is why our legal codes seems to be more a compendium of thoughts written by a mind so afraid of the change, so afraid of looking into something different that could remove the order of its own existence as a system, that it is quite interesting to see into this codes, seeing that the pattern that derives from our firsts codes of rules and norms, have been actually preserved in the same way, changing just a couple of things on the picture here and there, yet remaining the same in its structure, the same opinions from the jurists from the antiquity in its social order, so to speak…look into the roles of the man being that of the status of a father and a mother in the system from the ancient times and you will look at something quite interesting, all our perception of reality defined as “a law that cannot be changed, as that is the way the human nature is and exist” is part of just the same illusion, a facade of reality

I suggest everyone to make some research on Desteni, and the Equal Money System, as it is the proposal of a new vision of reality, a new way of living a new way of conceiving our existence into something that we could never believed to be possible

2 comentarios sobre “The Codes of Gender, Documentary

    marlenlife escribió:
    3 mayo, 2013 en 12:24

    Hey, puedes editar tu entrada y poner un link al documental? Gracias

    Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 08:55:14 +0000 To:

      arteexpression respondido:
      7 mayo, 2013 en 10:52

      Tendría que estar en la parte de arriba, no te aparece?


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