The Right to Self-Awareness

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The Right to Self-Awareness:

A human being has the right to be aware of its own existence, as our existence implies to consider everything that is here in this world, the very presence of the human being would be irrelevant without the manifestation of this world and everything that is here, the very disregard of this makes the human a slave of thinking processes that are not in the benefit of what is best for all, a “freedom of thought” should implies to always do what is best for all, a human being needs to be free to always consider what is best for all as this also implies to live what is also best for him/herself, for this one must not be subdued to any form of system of survival that may harm ones integrity in ones way of communicating with all of existence, as communication is not just limited to words, as the way we communicate includes each and every single movement and action that we make in this existence reflecting what is existing within us as us, when life is not consider and when one is not aware of oneself as life, everything in our surroundings results harmed and destroyed as we are killing ourselves in thoughts and in thinking processes that are not of life, not of awareness as self-awareness in self-honesty.

The very action of existing only for self, in the personal interest that do not take into consideration the existence of another, reflects a disease, a illness within the society, a illness that is only able to be cured through the implementation of a new system in which the principle that is today understood as competition must not exist and will not exist, this through providing to everyone Equal Money, money is just a tool of exchange, it must not influence or compromise the way in which we communicate with what is here and with each other, as we can see today, that we are fighting against everything that is here for the control of resources, as we are fighting each other for survival which has been misunderstood and misinterpreted as right to live, having for consequence the misleading of the entire humanity, life is not about surviving life is about living

We live only because this existence is here, without this existence, our existence could not be possible, to be aware of self, living within and as the principle of self honesty, living for what is best for all, means to be self aware, to be aware of self implies to be aware of what is here, simple.


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