What is a human being?

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What is a human being?

The question is not as easy as it seems, what do we conceive? Or what would it imply the existence itself of a human being? You are speaking about an organism that is relatively new, but whose substances derive from a process that has billions of years of age.
Something quite sad today is that when you ask to the people what is a human being? they give you answers like “I don´t know” or “why don´t you look on the dictionary?”

Very well, here are the definitions:

From philosophy forums:
‘Humanness’ is the result of a behavioral definition: We are human because we do things that we have defined as human.

Ape + Language = Human.

Language is meaningless unless it is communicated and taught to others.

Language necessarily inheres these criteria. The idea of a ‘meaningless language’ is an oxymoron, wouldn’t you say?

(Keep in mind that an oxymoron is an apparent contradiction:
Here are some common examples of oxymoronic expressions: act naturally, random order, original copy, conspicuous absence, found missing, alone together, criminal justice)

Of course one might object and say a child raised without language is still human. Then we could get into Chomsky’s argument about innate grammar. In any case, I see language as that which gives us our human consciousness, without which we wouldn’t have the concept of ‘humanity’ to begin with.

Many will argue against it like their lives depend on that defense. The entire notion of human evolution is really reduced to evolution of language. We need to think and speak clearly… and I assume that people intuitively avoid any possibility to understand that profound implication of language. Because as soon as you accept this argument you have to start paying attention to what you’re saying, how are you saying it… and even how you think.

The thing is that, when you as “a human being”, don´t have a proper development of skills, such as a an effective use of vocabulary, that will determine if you are rejected or not by the society, which implies to have or not have a job, which grants you money, which grants you food…interesting that, in regards to saying something correctly is something that can define you as “an effective or non-effective human being in a particular subject”, I mean, to not be effective in something doesn´t mean that one is not an effective human being

It’s much easier to use language as a tool for projecting your “personality” to the world and stay oblivious to the fact that such use of language has serious and more often than not quite desirable consequences. We become self-conscious when we start to use language. Indeed…. “In the beginning was the word”.

It is important to understand that words are our creation, the very interpretation that we make of reality and how we define this world accordingly to our preferences, likes or dislikes, is actually the basis of what we are living today in our language, if you look at laws, and this is something that has been constantly being repeated by many beings, the very form and structure of laws is very deceptive, why? Because when you look at how we have come to create what is culture today, you can see that there is no consideration of the actual origin of our culture, what were our beliefs that we have preserved to this day, and you can see that if you look at what became of our ethics when someones sneeze, one answer “gob bless you”, yet the ancient belief was that when someone had a sneeze, one had to say something “good” to protect oneself from something evil that was happening to that person.

Other animals have language. Monkeys such as vervets make a range of warning sounds, a true vocabulary, one meaning snake, one meaning hawk, one meaning leopard and so on.

That statement  is interesting because we are speaking of an expression of sound that doesn´t necessarily makes the animal to define itself as one.

In Law (Dictionary definition): A human being- without regards to sex, legitimacy, or competence. This person is the central figure in law, as elsewhere, characterized by personal attributes of mind, intention, feelings, weaknesses, morality, common to human beings; with rights and duties under the law.
This person sometimes called an individual, and often referred to in the law as a natural person, as distinguished from an artificial person.

In Biology: (Info from Wikipedia)


“Humans (Homo sapiens) are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only extant species of the genus Homo. Humans are characterized by having a large brain relative to body size, with a particularly well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, making them capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, problem solving and culture through social learning. This mental capability, combined with an adaptation to bipedal locomotion that frees the hands for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. Humans are the only extant species known to build fires and cook their food, as well as the only known species to clothe themselves and create and use numerous other technologies and arts. The scientific study of humans is the discipline of anthropology.

Humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of symbolic communication such as language and art for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families and kinship networks to states. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through science, philosophy, mythology, and religion.”

Homo is the genus of great apes that includes modern humans and species closely related to them. The genus is estimated to be about 2.3 to 2.4 million years old, possibly having evolved from australopithecine ancestors, with the appearance of Homo habilis. Several species, including Australopithecus garhi, Australopithecus sediba, Australopithecus africanus and Australopithecus afarensis, have been proposed as the direct ancestor of the Homo lineage. Each of these species have morphological features that align them with Homo, but there is no consensus on which actually gave rise to Homo.

I asked to some people if they know something about Human rights or what do they think that the Human Rights, and I got very interesting answers like “sorry I didn´t study that” (which is quite interesting considering that they are also human beings…) to the person that was able to give the personal perspective and also the full view of the articles…nevertheless what does this articles imply if a human being is conceived as the definition of being attributes of mind, intention, feelings, weaknesses, morality, language? And what does that entails considering that the people don´t know how to describe a human being or what does their own existence implies in this physical existence?

Something interesting about the assumptions of what a human is, are the multiple ideas made over human nature as behavior, when we describe ourselves, we see multiple patterns of movements and ideas that we in anyway really understand within the basis of how our emotions and feelings operate in the mind level, how we construct or came to be as a personality over the basis of our culture, religion, economy, society, politics, laws, psychology, and all of this finding its very structure on the basis of language (grammar, vocabulary = expression) etc., how is it that each one describe a pattern of behaviors, ideas, work, professions believing that, that is who we are…and something really sad within this is that when you look at the very institutions that claim to defend human rights, is that they don´t really know what it is that they are defending, they don´t really understand what it is that they should do or how is it that we are able to bring awareness into the people to make them stand for human dignity, that is the biggest concern of our society today, how we make the human to care about other humans, because we “expect them to feel something about poverty, about wars, as we have defined ourselves within the particular dimensions of emotions and feelings, which are actually the basis of our thinking patterns”. It is said, that what makes us “unique or individual is our way of thinking, and developing things” yet I would like to add here a fascinating overview made by Bernard Poolman over a point that he makes on the “Right to Individuality.”

Bernard Poolman – Day 366: The Human Right of Individuality

“Yes, have a look: this is the One Thing Everyone Desires: Individuality, Free Choice, Free Speech.

Obviously, the Principle of Individuality is the Fact that One can Express it in a Unique Individual Way, but there is One Thing to Consider: If your Individuality Impose on another’s – making them either a Master or a Slave, then Individuality No Longer Exists. Then Individuality Becomes ‘Master’ or ‘Slave’.

Thus, a Fundamental Right for Each One from the Moment of Your Existence within Awareness is Individuality and the Consideration that: If You Express this Individuality in a way that Relates to others with Respect and Equality, with Respecting their Individuality and thus Doing and Participating within All Things in a way that is Best for Other Individuals as well – they’re going to Respond by Respecting your Individuality.
If you Don’t, then you have a World like Now where No-one Respects another’s Individuality, Nobody Respects another’s Right to Life – because Everybody is Scared of Everyone Else, because Each One Knows One Thing: You will Rather Act in Self Interest, because You Already Expect Everyone else to Do the Same. Instead of Reversing it, Instead of Realizing that: “As You Give = You Receive”.

You see, the Message of Jesus was the Ultimate Model of Individuality: “Give as You Would Like to Receive”, “Do Onto Another as You Would Like to be Done Unto” – The Foundation Principle of Individuality. If You Do Not Have this Principle Intrinsic as Your Own Self Value, then you’re Not an Individual – Yet.
First you Must Establish this Principle, then Individuality can be Born and you May at Last be Called Alive.”

And what is interesting is that defense of the rights itself, and specifically of human rights has become a defense for personal interests, because when we describe a human being, it’s almost like seen the people trying to describe their lives, their way of living, not noticing that the way of living is defined by their way of thinking which is in base to their self interests, thinking and perceiving themselves to be the experience of survival and fear…must of the statements made on the defense of human rights is that we should be aware of what we are doing, yet the people don´t really understand what is it that they should be doing to change their current condition, and it’s obvious, because we have no idea of what we are or who we are.

The structure of the human rights has a huge problem in the very basis of its existence, because we don´t really know what is it that we are defending, sometimes we are the intermediaries of the rights, other times we are ruthless beings who exterminate people for a limited resource, sometimes we are beings that abuse for power, or abuse our surroundings, including the environment, on the other hand, we try to make the impossible to recover the environment in which we live, for most part the defense of the rights seems to be based on what we assume is the true human nature, without taking into consideration all psychological processes to which the humans have been exposed over the centuries.

Just imagine what was required to exist in our minds for the first human being to kill another human being. (just one thing – one think, self-interest)

With the passage of wars, the human nature we so desperately seek to defend, changes a little bit more; the Crusades, the Hundred Years War, revolutions, two world wars, you name it, each intended to defend particular interests, and the people were willing to die for those interests seeking to attain the protection of the dignity or the honor believing that they were standing for what was a part of themselves.

The defense of rights has become the freedom to create dependencies to the things that apparently define the dignity and honor of humanity, everything portrayed over the assumptions made over what we are as that human nature, that struggle for the significance and purpose of the ideals that we fight and make wars over, believing that we are protecting who we are or what we are; human rights are portrayed with beautiful words, but nobody follows them to the letter, maybe because we do not know how to do it or must probably, we are doing it, but we are not aware of what we are following as our minds…; the major conflicts that have taken place over the history of humanity have begun seemingly being made over the defense of a particular argument that we ourselves, as our culture, religion, politics, ideology, have believed ourselves to be, because when hearing about human rights, we first think in our human condition, and we don´t really see if that in which we believe that makes us humans, is something that can vouch for the rest of humanity, because what I am afraid is that perhaps we don´t know any longer how to identify ourselves with another human being. (in regards to language, this could be also understood as a lack of true communication = physical communication).

The most significant feature that apparently used to stand for us was empathy, the emotions and feelings that seems to be a point that was “used as a reference to identify ourselves with other human beings” something that apparently had a form of impact on the hippies movements, yet what we see today is that such “identification no sustainable”, because it was never sustainable, as more love one creates, more hate you create, is an inevitable polarity, the empathy cannot sustain humanity; the common sense is the only thing that is accountable in matter of physical matter; yet, the practical common sense is not being allowed to take place as it has been confused with a logic that functions accordingly to the standards of the program, not only with other human beings, but with everything that is here (animals, plants, bacteria’s, etc.)

I guess that the consequence of this, has been that, it is not consider that, our emotions and feelings are activated through the very concepts that we create about ourselves in relation to this world, which we reflect through our language, as more and more we have ingrained our system of definitions, values, morals, politics, culture, society, is more and more difficult to really see ourselves as human beings, as the organism, and even worse, it is more difficult to see other human beings, as what is first in your existence is the knowledge and information that one use to live and survive in this world, that is what is valuable and accountable for your existence “apparently”, because that is the first thing that you learn from the moment you step into a family, instead of learning what is your value as life (which will be the next topic that we will bring within this subject).

In the family the first thing that is shown to you, is to follow the instructions of what is expected from you to be within the organization of the family, in regards to the hierarchical order that this implies, instead of first showing you, or learning your value as life, as human being, that is what should be first. Because if you also see in the very definition that we give in the definition of Human within Biology of being an “Homo sapiens”, the first thing that is said, “the genus of the apes”, yet, that genus is only valuable in the amount of knowledge and information that it possess to define itself as valuable or effective human being.

Something interesting that I have found in my personal process, is that one cannot define oneself accordingly to knowledge or information, by this I mean, it has been tried to bring awareness and interest to the human beings through knowledge and information about this world, about themselves, yet, it is never sufficient, why? First of all, because we are not that, we are not the knowledge and information, if you look at the very point of right to education, right to education implies right to learning, yet, you learn your entire life, if the knowledge that is placed in front of you is pure bullshit, you will learn that bullshit and you will leave that as who you are, an entire program; education is not knowledge, and if you place this into perspectives to the point of copyrights, everything is about of “rights of property as if it was a right of attaining knowledge”; with all of this, the point that I would like to make is that I guess that the only way to bring the human to the realization “I am here, I exist, what is here is what is real and I am existing in this world with other human beings” is to take him to face the only one thing that is able to support him, that is himself, in the process that Desteni provides as the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, common sense, physical breath, and so on.

In regards to giving Charity, and what I noticed in the principle that I first stated, is that I said that “we must guaranty the best way of living for all living beings”, yet I was looking at how activism exist today, trying actually to live a principle of “giving as much as possible to the people to support them”, I mean, that is cool, yet, I guess that the recognition of human rights, also imply that the Human being must give it to oneself, I mean, sounds more like, you know, “give it to them”, yet, what the real principle should be, is that the people has direct access to all the resources so that they are able to express, to create, to give to themselves the opportunity of understanding what they are as life, of course with the tools and the corresponding process, because it is only each one of us, who can give to ourselves the help that we require as we are the only ones that are able to decide what they are going to be, to live; the solution is not of “implementing human rights, but of recognizing ourselves as physical human beings that are responsible for ourselves and each other by living the realization of always doing what is best for all as this is whats is best for ourselves , and for that we need to go through the process of living the decision of standing as Humanity (do onto other as you would like to be done onto you, do what is best for all as this is what is also best for you).

I suggest everyone reading this blog to see this video done by Marlen Vargas del Razo

You see, there is a lot that is being that has been taken for granted, as the capability of standing, yet, what we do is that we blame our mind, the governments and w see it as too difficult, when that is not so, it is one self who decides and the decision that is made from self, implying that there is not knowledge or information implied on the decision, or that there is a voice in the head as the words of another person, to decide to be as the principle: “I am that I am”, implies that one has walked through the programing and is standing as who one id, and within that, the Human rights must be lived, not as laws, but as principles.

Is only one who can decide (to live), and that is a cycle that is trapping everyone, I mean, that is the must “tough” point in a way, in each and every single person, how many people don´try to stop weed? yet they don´t live the decision, they don’t make the decision and they search remedies in knowledge, in people, in groups of assistance in drugs and so on, nevertheless, one will believe that one requires others to do something for ourselves when it is us who have to do it for ourselves, for one to be able to receive assistance and support one must be willing to give to oneself that assistance and support, is obvious, Help yourself that I will help you…it is self, the answer is always self, self honesty is the solution for one to see oneself in what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

The implementation of Human Rights is not as important as the decision of the people to live the principles of oneness and equality that they imply, the solution has to come from each and every single one of us, and yes, the laws can help, but only if all of us do it, because it has to be a democratic process, a decision to live in and as Oneness and Equality, that is why my starting point in my research of laws was deluded, because the principle of coercion in laws, implies that, you impose onto another a certain behavior, yet, no one is living that why? because the psychology that was tried to be impose as methodical conditioning is based on the principles of morals, yet the principle of rationality is mold accordingly to our self interest, if you see how we download music illegally, one is able to justify that by saying: “oh, you know, its here, and it should be free” so what the fuck? the morals are based on the principle of a desire, a desire that was firstly projected on the first basis of laws which was religion, and the desire was that of “being good” to go to heaven”, then what we have done is that we try to search positivity in everything that we do to justify our evil, the polarity was not considered at all, and the crime is the result of that, the reflection of that, which was actually used as an advantage to satisfy self interests, by creating a definition of the crime, stablishing a consequence and everyone can agree with that, and live that and be that of a criminal. As more laws are written, more criminals are created -Lao Tzu-

Everyone agreed with that, because, instead of changing the principle due to fear of loosing the dimensions of the heaven, they tried to use the same principle to establish “peace” in this world through war, sounds familiar?, because what one can see if you read a little bit of the research done in psychology in the subject of aggression, “this is justified in the human as a point of impulse based on an idea of motivation and effort, “through the idea that it is a form of love for pleasure (reading, drawing, singing) and love to action (working, and “living”)” How fucked up is that?

If you look in the Criminal Laws, you have this lists of crimes that are classified accordingly to multiple types of actions that may differ in the procedure but that they can be part of the same crime or that is actually just another form of for instance an act of murder, but if it is a murder that was towards an specific person in the family then it is called parricide, something that you can notice is that if it is not present only one of the components on the list that define a crime as such, then there is no crime, if you look at medicine, it happens something similar in terms of how a disease is defined, if you have all the symptoms that are similar to Hepatitis, but you don´t have one of all the symptoms, then you don´t have Hepatitis, you have something else, the same with psychology, if your behavior doesn´t fit in the list of the patterns classified as, for instance bipolarity, then you don´t have bipolarity, maybe you are just crazy…, what I am trying to bring here is that, the classification of each behavior is measure in terms of the intention and direction of one being in a particular situation, if you return to the perspectives on human rights, you can remember that in terms of the very basics of the theory of interpretation, a particular situation will be defined in matter of reason for the mind to explain the direction that one has to take to resolve in a particular direction, in other words, you place multiple definitions that operate in your reality in matter of value and worth and accordingly to such values you interact with your reality accordingly to those values which allow you to essentially always resolve in the direction of your self-interest, and taking here what the morals are in essence as that particular relationship of “the movement expected in particular situations to maintain particular values and so on and so on”, I mean, first of all, a crime is defined by sections of aggravating or mitigating, this means that, the crime that is committed in a particular list of actions is considered to be more harmful or less harmful, if the crime has a particular direction that “from a moral perspective” qualifies the criminal as “more dangerous” than other people, you can see this is also in matter of criminology, in which the observant of the scene of crime has to follow particular signals that indicate to you, what was the direction or also “the intention” within the crime.

What I am trying to bring here is the point that, the system has over and over again “came to the resolution (in matter of their research)” that “they cannot conclusively determine what is the origin of crime”

I will place here the link of a video made by Andre Rossouw in which she points out this particular issue; Scientists cannot prove the equations and relationships based in Reality:


Ethics within Research


yet, they do understand the consequences of directing the input in matter of behavior in a particular direction, such as if you place values in specific interests that are the direct outcome produced from a certain moral basis, which would also be dependent of your social basis, cultural basis, and all of this is considered as if it was not “a matter in consideration over the existence of crime” because they claim “we are equals, therefore, before the law everyone is equal and everyone is judged in the same way” (wtf…?)

Many times I have heard people stating that the manifestation of wars are a reflection of our human nature and that we should take that as part of what makes us human beings…, yet these statements are only made because when we accept and allow the aggression and abuse in the human we can allow the polarity to exist, and we think in ourselves as this positive, good beings that loves and cares and so on.

I would also like to add here some of the research done by Lindsay to see within the dimensions of Human Behavior

“Control indeed is a fact of nature – yet we do not have to allow this fact to control us. Through understanding the nature of control on a behavioral/biological/physical level we are able to come to terms with the reality of ourselves and thus are able to change ourselves and this world into a reflection of this understanding. To work with OURSELVES instead of against ourselves as we are currently doing through being in denial of the facts of nature.

Yes, the control of conduct by the physical and social environment is a built-in feature of the world…we come this way – yet what is to be understood is that WE have built it in, we have molded this physical and social environment in unawareness, in separation, in self-interest as to this relationship, and thus what we see currently is a significantly limited version of what this physical world and thus ourselves have the capacity to become and express. Currently we are destroying this relationship; we are destroying ourselves as there is no relationship without the physical – there is no life without the physical, and the physical has particular laws and methods of control that we must align to or we will surely annihilate ourselves, as is already clearly evident. We may ‘come this way’ but we just about immediately forget this as we are taught otherwise; we are taught to fear, to survive, to compete; we are taught that there are things in this world that are ‘out to get us’ and that we must defend ourselves; we are taught how to be coercive, coercively.” Linsay Craver

We need to see the implications of our existence, the existence of the Human to bring the understanding that, the very existence of the Human Rights would implies to live for that which has allow us to exist, because to serve to all life in Oneness and Equality should be the purpose for which the Human came here in the first place, but we tend to think, that to work for life, is “hard and difficult” as we have related it as a tough task”, yet, when you see how fun is to play with dogs, with the Animals, that is a form of taking care and LEARNING FROM THEM, which is part of learning of ourselves as life, that will change everything in regards to science, and how we “study animals”, instead of realizing that the difference is made over a picture, and yes, we are still not equals to what is here, but it is possible to bring everyone to live as oneness and equality.

Taking the statement made by Bernard in regards to the Right to Individuality, I mean, it should imply like in agreements that one is having communication with oneself to walk a process of changing and really bringing who one is as self honesty here, creating a human being here that do care, then the agreement with other human beings is possible, then Human Rights are possible, because everyone lives that as a principle.

That is what I have looked at, at the moment, now we need some help from ourselves, to understand completely our mind and redefine completely the way we live and the way we live to bring a new entire vision of what a human being is and should be in regards to what is here, and what our existence imply, so that we can get sure that when we stand as living examples, everyone is able to find a reference, the knowledge and information is not who we are, and is not the answer, what we must do is learn from ourselves so that when someone asks, or see ourselves standing in a certain principle, they see and realize the answer for themselves, that Desteni is, Desteni is not something separated a form of “Institution”, is the group of individuals walking in same principles, yet no one is able to save us or to do something for us, we have to do it for ourselves, if that comes as a realization in everyone, we will see the end of the entire structure of our law system, and the new system, the Equal Money Capitalism will be here, will be a fact, will be in each and every single Human Being.

I will bring here some posts that I strongly suggest you to read written by Ken Cousens and Marlen Vargas del Razo, that I consider to be a real support and assistance into the realization of what Human Rights really actually should be.



Also check some perspectives done by the Destonians on Human Rights:




This and much more can be found if you allow yourself to participate on the DesteniIProcess, is the greatest education that you will ever have, better than any University, I have tested it out myself and this do work, the solution is here, those not willing to consider what is here are not taking responsibility for themselves and they don´t give a fuck about other Human Beings and are creating deliberate harm to all of existence, test it for yourself and don´t give away this opportunity, could be the last one as this is your last life…


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