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Spirituality and a Real #WaveOfAction – Living Income Guaranteed

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Does spirituality belong in the #wave of action? Has meditation or positive thinking proven to create visible changes in our economic system? Let’s discuss this and more today

DIY Social Change and Living Income Guaranteed

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If most of the people want to change the World, why is it so many things remain the same? What is it that we are ALL missing? How to actually work on real-sustainable solutions for ourselves and the world? How can we practically walk out of self-interest and start acting based on the principle of what is best for all?


What is the Living Income Guaranteed?

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What You Should Know about War Propaganda

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Why it is important in this moment to understand the media propaganda that is pushing world conflicts instead of seeking solutions and what can we do about it

#WaveofAction: Real Activism or Not?

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Demanding change is a common theme these days, yet does it take into account what creating change in fact is at an individual and collective level?