Redefining Education #5: Deschooling Our Schooled Habits

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In this episode of Redefining Education, Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we speak with author and unschooler Akilah Richards, on the importance of adults deschooling ourselves, to be able to engage with children in authentic learning experiences, free from schooled habits such as seeking validation and competing for attention. Join us with your questions and comments before, during and after the LIVE broadcast.

Check out Akilah’s Unschooling open house!

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Anna Brix Thomsen – A Teacher’s Journey to Life

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Redefining Education: World Schooling!

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In this special episode of Redefining Education – Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we are speaking with Miro Siegel and Lainie Liberti,  who recently gave a TEDxED talk in Amsterdam on their journeys with World Schooling.

Lainie and Miro are a mother and son team who have been traveling around the world for over 5 years, practicing what they call World Schooling, a form of Unschooling Education where both Lanie and Miro immerse themselves in different cultures and learn directly from the life they encounter on their travels.

We invite you to participate in the discussion by placing your questions and comments to Lainie and Miro  LIVE on the hangout or in the YouTube comment section.

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