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[135] Utopia: Entertainment or Social Experiment?

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Today we are discussing research conducted on the British conspiracy drama TV show ‘Utopia’. What can conspiracy TV can teach us about ourselves? Can TV make us more political? Did people connect and identify with the moral and philosophical issues related to current affairs in the context of shadow governments, global capitalism, population control, vaccines, mind control, political regimes and the proposal of a scientific utopia? How did the show affect viewers’ stances on the fate of humanity in terms of being on the side of the resistance or the network? Join our live conversation with José Luis Urueta, research assistant in the Media Experiences project on Utopia.

You are welcome to share your comments and questions in the comment section below.

Hosted by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Redefining Education #5: Deschooling Our Schooled Habits

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In this episode of Redefining Education, Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we speak with author and unschooler Akilah Richards, on the importance of adults deschooling ourselves, to be able to engage with children in authentic learning experiences, free from schooled habits such as seeking validation and competing for attention. Join us with your questions and comments before, during and after the LIVE broadcast.

Check out Akilah’s Unschooling open house!

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Politics of Self: Panama Papers – How People Hide Their Inner Elite?

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Much has been written and talked about the famous Panana Papers leak except its
personal nature. How does deception on a global scale mirror the human mind? What is the hidden elite that exists in us all? What is the mainstream media missing that could empower real change? Join the live discussion with Joe Kou and Kelly Posey

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Redefining Education – Introduction

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Joao Jesus from Life Educators and Anna Brix Thomsen from A Teacher’s Journey to Life are the hosts of a new series of live conversations on YouTube and Google + on Saturdays at 7 pm GMT. The series will feature interviews with experts and trailblazers in the education field as well as live discussions on cutting edge educational methods and philosophies – all with the purpose of redefining education to create a world that is best for all. Please join us with your questions and comments!

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Introducing School Of Ultimate Living – SOUL

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SOUL is a new program that has recently seeing the light announced practical . It’s an exciting new program that has been set up to offer exactly the kind of tools and solutions for anyone who looks out for changing those little things in their lives who are simply not working…

Let´s take a little exaple – No one likes the way constant worrying makes you feel, so why is it so difficult to stop? The answer lies in the beliefs—both negative and positive— that one creates around oneself and who one apparently is in relation to worrying.

But what does it mean to bring solutions and what are exactly the kind of solutions that SOUL offers?

Politics of Self [9]: Life and Debt

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How deeply does debt affect your life, your personal decisions and the way you see the world? Have you ever imagined a world free of debt? Watch the hangout to better understand your relationship to debt and learn about solutions that you can apply in your life.

“The Bankruptcy of The United States”…
“Where do your taxes go?” –…
Film: The Big Short

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BREAKING NEWS 3/22 Brussels Attacks – Live Response

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Here we discuss the breaking news and developments of the attacks in Belgium and address the mindset and initial reactions of people as well as things to consider as we prepare for the coming media coverage and political pressures to come as the world responds to this event.

You’re welcome to place any comments and questions on the comment section of this video.

Discussion with Joe Kou, Joana Jesus and Marlen Vargas Del Razo