Redefining Education #5: Deschooling Our Schooled Habits

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In this episode of Redefining Education, Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we speak with author and unschooler Akilah Richards, on the importance of adults deschooling ourselves, to be able to engage with children in authentic learning experiences, free from schooled habits such as seeking validation and competing for attention. Join us with your questions and comments before, during and after the LIVE broadcast.

Check out Akilah’s Unschooling open house!

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Anna Brix Thomsen – A Teacher’s Journey to Life

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[121] The Extreme Culture of Sports & Entertainment

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Is the Culture of Sports and Entertainment Helping or Harming the Betterment of the World? What does the sports culture and industry reflect about our humanity? What kind of abusive practices are not investigated due to deeming them as being only entertainment? What would the world of sports & entertainment be like without the millions behind it? How are we predisposed to create conflict and rivalry as sports and entertainment consumers?

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Hosted by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Solutions for Common Core’s Industrial Education

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In this hangout we dive into the depths of the Common Core Standards initiative and look at what is behind the veil of this paradigm change in the American education system. Is the Common Core really meant to create a success out of America’s children and if not, what can we do about it’?

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Children Full of Life – Important Documentary.. Very.

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Common Core Standards
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Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing
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Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA)
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
National Writing Project (NWP)

Hosted by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Education for a New World In Order

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Imagine an education system that focuses on learning, an education system where schools and teachers wouldn’t have to worry about funding or resources because this would be managed according to a ‘Best for All’ principle, an education system that wouldn’t have as its primary objective to get ahead in the global race for knowledge supremacy, an education system that places the children’s ability to learn first… Let’s talk about How we can bring it to reality