Politics of Self: Panama Papers – How People Hide Their Inner Elite?

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Much has been written and talked about the famous Panana Papers leak except its
personal nature. How does deception on a global scale mirror the human mind? What is the hidden elite that exists in us all? What is the mainstream media missing that could empower real change? Join the live discussion with Joe Kou and Kelly Posey

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Living in Thailand: A Westerner’s Perspective

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Why is it that even with globalization and the technological advancements of the internet, westerners still perceive the oriental far east as a mysterious place that we know little about? In this age where global barriers are being broken down at a greater pace than ever before, why are we still vastly separated by the land, traditions, mentalities, cultures and economics that divide us? We’ll be discussing with Adrian Blackburn

Living in Thailand: A Westerner’s Perspective with @Adrian4Equality The Relativity of 1st and 3rd world contexts

For context: A Westerner’s Experience Living in Thailand