The Measurable Effects of Equality

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Inequality is a social and economic reality that affects all aspects of our lives such as birth rates, education, interpersonal trust, mental illness, crimes, life expectancy and eating habits. Is economic performance and growth the golden rule to creating a better society?

Today we’re discussing the measurable effects of more equal societies and how providing a Living Income Guaranteed will enhance social equality.
You are welcome to post questions and share comments with our guests Lauri Kotaja and Joana Jesus.

Hosted by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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DIY Politics for Dummies – Living Income Guaranteed

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Who are you within the politics and the economy today? How does politics affect your life and is it possible for you to have an effect on politics? Wrap your head around politics, the economy and social matters with us tonight in our live, interactive discussion with Josh Richert

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