Women of Vienna: The Power of Community

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How can anyone build a community that becomes a beacon of support and development at a local level? How can online communities play a role in facilitating the adaptation of immigrants into a society? What role can expat women take in a new environment they’ve just arrived in? We’ll discuss this and more with the co-founders of Women of Vienna Michelle Hrvat and Betsy Akins
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Hosted by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Immigrating to a Better Life?

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Immigration is happening at a more rapid speed than ever before in the history of human civilization. But what are its consequences? And are the causes of immigration only found in war- and poverty-torn countries themselves, with people seeing an opportunity to make a better life for themselves abroad? Or is the situation by a large extent also caused by an interconnected and complex political situation brought about by an economic system without social responsibility?

Hosted by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Swiss Migration and those Italian Rats


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Who’s Afraid of the NSA?

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Discussing the culture of surveillance, NSA leaks, the right to privacy and security- will the internet become the new platform for genuine transparency and democracy? Common sense perspectives with questions and answers enabled to the audience, join us!

Ownership Sharing: Capitalism and the Fear of Collectivism

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The Myth of Communism and Socialism debunked through hearing from someone who has actually Lived it and contrasting it with Capitalism in America.
Capitalism is the leading ideology of commerce in the world. Communism, in contrast, is not a system of commerce but a system of governance which regulates commerce. It has been said that communism operates from the starting point of ‘first serving others then self’ and capitalism, especially in America, serves ‘self first then others.’ Can we merge these two starting points, working with what is already here, to create a viable, inclusive capitalism with democratically managed government and business?

What is the Living Income Guaranteed?

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Basic Income Petition and Living Income Guaranteed

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Promoting the #BasicIncome proposal in Social Media and specifically Europe as well as discussing the next steps after the EU Commission deadline.

Living Income Guaranteed: This allowance should be sufficient for an individual to have dignified living conditions with guaranteed access to their fundamental human birth rights: Food, Water, Housing, Healthcare, Education, Clothing, Transportation, Public Services, etc.