Redefining Education #5: Deschooling Our Schooled Habits

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In this episode of Redefining Education, Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we speak with author and unschooler Akilah Richards, on the importance of adults deschooling ourselves, to be able to engage with children in authentic learning experiences, free from schooled habits such as seeking validation and competing for attention. Join us with your questions and comments before, during and after the LIVE broadcast.

Check out Akilah’s Unschooling open house! http://www.radicalselfie.com/openhouse/

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Redefining Education – Introduction

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Joao Jesus from Life Educators and Anna Brix Thomsen from A Teacher’s Journey to Life are the hosts of a new series of live conversations on YouTube and Google + on Saturdays at 7 pm GMT. The series will feature interviews with experts and trailblazers in the education field as well as live discussions on cutting edge educational methods and philosophies – all with the purpose of redefining education to create a world that is best for all. Please join us with your questions and comments!

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