BREAKING NEWS 3/22 Brussels Attacks – Live Response

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Here we discuss the breaking news and developments of the attacks in Belgium and address the mindset and initial reactions of people as well as things to consider as we prepare for the coming media coverage and political pressures to come as the world responds to this event.

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Discussion with Joe Kou, Joana Jesus and Marlen Vargas Del Razo


Conspicuous Consumption

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In what ways do we within society participate in conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption disrupt our personal, social and economic lives? How much do we know and understand of how we decide what to spend our money on? Why do people in every income bracket feel that they are just getting by? Why is household debt at an all-time high? How does the pattern of conspicuous consumption distract us from what is really valuable in our lives? Why are depression and suicide rates so high in developed countries? And how come we are never satisfied? This and much more discussed today with Maite Zamora Moreno and JL Kenney

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Living in Thailand: A Westerner’s Perspective

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Why is it that even with globalization and the technological advancements of the internet, westerners still perceive the oriental far east as a mysterious place that we know little about? In this age where global barriers are being broken down at a greater pace than ever before, why are we still vastly separated by the land, traditions, mentalities, cultures and economics that divide us? We’ll be discussing with Adrian Blackburn

Living in Thailand: A Westerner’s Perspective with @Adrian4Equality The Relativity of 1st and 3rd world contexts

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