Redefining Education: World Schooling!

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In this special episode of Redefining Education – Live Conversations with Real People on the Future of Education, we are speaking with Miro Siegel and Lainie Liberti,  who recently gave a TEDxED talk in Amsterdam on their journeys with World Schooling.

Lainie and Miro are a mother and son team who have been traveling around the world for over 5 years, practicing what they call World Schooling, a form of Unschooling Education where both Lanie and Miro immerse themselves in different cultures and learn directly from the life they encounter on their travels.

We invite you to participate in the discussion by placing your questions and comments to Lainie and Miro  LIVE on the hangout or in the YouTube comment section.

We also recommend checking out Lainie and Miro’s TEDxED talk here:… as well as their website:

The Age of Online Activism

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Through the tools of the internet and social media, online / digital activism has emerged as an alternative way for people to share their critical views on society, economics and politics. Does online activism support democracy and accountability or is it merely a way to give people a sense of engagement without effecting real change and solutions? Our guest: Hilda Rac

You’re welcome to Participate with Questions and Comments on this video too!

Hosted by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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What is the Living Income Guaranteed?

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Documentaries you must watch

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I will share this documentaries that I have found very supportive to understand the current situation of the world as it exist today (Don´t freak out, there are solutions that I will share at the end of this blog)

The End of America (Available in youtube)


Blind Spot

The Secret of Oz (Bill Still)


Living Income Guaranteed

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