What is left of your life now that you are dead?

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It is very well known today, at difference of some years ago, that there is a problem, a problem that can and will determine the outcome of everything that we have come to know as the earth in which we live and exist; a fact that our behavior as a race, specie, generation of consumerists that we have become as the new definition of what a human being is; a virus that sucks out every single inch of energy for its own commodity, for its own benefit, for its own pleasure, just to be able to experience for a moment the succulency of the technology that we have come to develop, making ourselves believe and hope and create many ideas of what we are worthy of, what we deserve, what we are able to take and justify to take it by standing within believes and ideas of an special right, an special consideration amongst other living beings, as the belief of the strongest over the weaker, the right of a law that we have created for our own benefit, in the exactly same way that we have created an entity or a scientist that has apparently given to us this right, this justification; we have become amazed and surprised of our own intellect, our own evolution.

Yet, there is an experience that has not been considered by the humanity itself, and that is the real outcome of our own evolution, our own accepted behavior, our own developments, creations, advances, technologies, decisions, actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings; this is the result of a destructive behavior that transcends every evil in which we have ever believed, because it seems so great, so powerful, so fearful and in certain way so beautiful, that we don´t even dare to see it when is right in front of our own eyes, this is our own desire that has taken the form of power and control and direction of our own approach to freedom. Here we are in the 21th century, still expecting, hoping, waiting for something to happen, something to save us, something or someone to become the new leader to direct us to this path of salvation, curiously from our own creations.

I have seen an atheist to appeal to governments to do something in the same way that a Christian prays to a God, an entity, a Saviour, a perfect picture placed maybe in a wall within a room of the house, or in a poster on the top of a building with the logo of a new promising campaign that comes with a new white, black, yellow, blue man full with the same promises, that everybody wants and expects to be fulfilled, and at the same time, both of them knowing within themselves the truth, being that such promises are never going to be fulfilled or approached in any way whatsoever, at least not by the ways in which has been proposed. Yes, this is the result of our evolution, this is the result of all the wars that were fought, all the constitutions that were wrote, all the people that died, all for nothing, all for this inevitable outcome that we have approach once again, and maybe for the last time, to make a decision, is this going to continue? Are we going to allow this to happen again? Perhaps for the last time? And maybe it´s too late, maybe there is nothing to be done, maybe is useless. As I have seen such statements reflected in the face of many people, that have already at this stage bowed their heads and sighing still hopeful that there is mercy for humanity, mercy imposed by this divine justice, in which they hope will be in their favor if they humiliate and enslave themselves singing praises and bowing their heads to this divine justice that they hope will come to save them; and I refer myself to those people who have bowed their head and sighed in defeat: what a pity…What a pity! and what a shame you have made of yourselves! you have made of this life, still not wanting to realize that you are the first creators of that which is able to save you, that is able to stand and to do what is necessary to be done! To take action and make the clear and absolute statement: This is over! Till here no further! I speak up and I stand up! Its the end of the abuse, the end of poverty, the end of war, the end of ignorance, the end of regret, shame, guilt and hope!

Many have come with apparent solutions, disguised with the promise of freedom, and we have believed such words, we have placed trust and hope in such words, but I ask: Who were the ones that knew within themselves what was necessary to be done? expecting others to do it for themselves? who were those expecting someone to take responsibility for them? There is no government or dictator that we are able to blame! There is no someone, no nothing, that you are able to trust in this world, how?!, why?!. Tell me, is this the meaning of progress?, is this the meaning of evolution?, is this the result and the meaning of what a human being is able to be? if so great is the word of your God or your scientist, or your motivational speaker? Why has this been allowed? Why is that such words haven´t been lived or applied?

This has been said before, and is not the last time that will be said, and is not too late! Is not yet the time to duck down, and sigh with hope and repentance, that time is never going to come, because our heads are already down and our sighs reflect hope and repentance. This is the time to stand up! This is the time to stop! There is no turning back from now on, because this is the first time, that we as humanity, as an entirety, as a whole, is going to stand up! Look at it, it has never happen before really, everything has been the same since the very beginning, there are no fallen angels in your skies, because they never have risen before! and no one is going to do it for you!

What is necessary to be done? Is to get known who you are and what you are capable of, is to stand and do what we have always known that is necessary to be done, I know that you know, that this is the end of poverty, this is the end of the abuse in this world, this is the end of what we knew since we came to this world, is and has been unacceptable, and that was able to be solved in another way, a way that is best for everyone and for everything in this life.

The Meaning of words is important to you?

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Through our education we have been shown and told words and how to use them

But have you ever asked yourself, what would happen if the words that you learn and the meaning of the words were shown to you in a way that you find yourself using them to justify and excuse you from taking responsibility?

What would be the real meaning of the words for you if these are used in ways that disregard completely the expression of yourself that is you?!

And what if you were told to speak the words in such a way that you cannot even realize that you have been showed how to be dishonest by using words?

The education system has become in fact the fabric of the tiny organic robots that are showed and learned how to function in a system that is educating them to be dishonest with themselves

How? through placing value within words in separation of themselves, placing them in a polarity system under the golden rule of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable accordingly to what the system defines as good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative and within that you are showed what is what makes you valuable and what not, what makes you inferior or superior to others accordingly to what your development within the education system becomes in the number that defines you as stupid or smart

the golden rule is in fact another “principle” within the idea and perception of what the gold means to the system, gold is just a stone is not something with value, so what is the point in making of the gold something that rules you?

Then couldn´t it means that the very “values” that makes you valuable to the system are in fact ruled by gold?

The definition of the words is another point where the humanity has become the programmed organic robots that we have accepted ourselves to become, let´s say for instance that for you “the truth” and the meaning of it, is directly connected accordingly to you, to your religion, and everything that is out of your religion is something that is not truth just because you believe and want it to be so

Then, what would it imply that the definition of the word “truth” has become something that is directly referred to yourself interest? Your own GOLDEN RULE again?

The new school has been opened to deprogram yourself, prepared to a few slaps into the reality?

Desteni University:




Desteni Exposed, Trust and Truth

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Most of the information that has been shared in vlogs and blogs by desteni members, is taken from the newspapers, libraries, and from other websites that do research and “DO CARE” about what is going on within this world.

There is no conspiracy theory behind what we share or imaginary inventions, it’s the simplicity of common sense from where we speak and share our research.

Many of the accusations that have been made in relation to the “credibility or the trust of desteni” has been made from this particular point of Not Able to be trusted.

Let’s look at this statement within the context of common sense perspective as what one person consider to be the truth or able to be trusted.

Trust is the development of one person within him/her-self of the knowledge and information that is taken into consideration and it is directly related to the believe system that accordingly to the placement that this person experience within his/her life and within the system manifestation will be and become the information that this person would consider as relevant or as the truth, so trust in itself is related directly with the belief of “what is truth” because if “for the person” something that is not the truth is not able to be trusted, then just because he/she believes it or not to be truth it will or not be taken into consideration, just because he/she wants to be so.

The trust has been placed in separation of ourselves within the information that we have learned and in consequence the information and knowledge that has been learned is directly placed in a polarity manifestation, as good and bad, right and wrong, positive or negative, making of our believes the truth that we trust.

Has anyone asked themselves, what would happen if the knowledge and information that we have learned was in some way manipulated or misunderstood? What would happen if what we have learned was based on lies? What would happen if everything that we have trusted and believe ourselves to be real is in fact an illusion based on a polarity of what is right and wrong, positive or negative and everything in fact being no more than deception?

Desteni says “Don’t trust Desteni”, because we don’t talk from a trust perspective asking once again to the people to place trust in separation of themselves, because everything that “you decide to trust” is within the decision of yourself as what you would live and apply as yourself being that principle for what you stand, being equal and one to that principle that you live.