The Deception of Animal Planet and the so called «Animal Lovers»

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I was looking at a new T.V. show on one of my favorite channels which is Animal Planet, the name of the program is Hooked

In the program these people called «Animal Lovers», were as the name of the program says «hooking», but they were hooking the most apparently «Dangerous Animals of the Rivers and of the Sea», and its fascinating how the abuse made to the Animals in this program can be justified by simply saying «Oh but is for purposes of preservation», when it comes to take a Great white Shark out of the sea to the beach, nothing better than a big excuse such as a license to mark endangered animals to «collaborate with their preservation».
This is the case of a group of young people who where «conveniently» hooking on the beach when they heard an announcement made by the local authorities about a group of sharks around the coast, and of the guys, (actually the one that hook a great white shark) in the program said that they were «in danger» by the sharks when this man decided to take his fishing rod and to throw a bait to the water, now as they realized that the hook didn´t reach sufficient length, one of the guys decided to take the bait and swim with it on his surfboard to take it deeper into the highest waves. As soon as he throw the bait the guy on the beach, that begun to felt that he caught something began pulling the hook, and he sees that its a shark. My question here is «how the fuck are you in danger» when you are standing right in the middle of the beach, where those «dangerous animals» are not even able to make you a scratch?
His friend still remains in the water while this shark is pulled out of the ocean, and what is interesting about all of this is that » they had a chair adapted to the truck» of those that are usually used to pull big fish in the ocean in the «exciting competitions of Marlin fishing in the middle of open sea» , while in the program they said «oh but we saw an opportunity that we didn´t knew that was going to be presented», so when this guy climbs up into the truck he stated that he needed to be «more comfortable» to be able to pull out the shark from the water, my question is: if he needed to be more comfortable, how is this supposed to be an unexpected opportunity as they already had a chair installed to the front of the truck and as this man already went prepared to felt «more comfortable» when pulling out an «unexpected Great White Shark from the beach»?

When they finally pulled out the shark out of the water «they realized that they had a Great White Shark of 3 meters lying on the beach» and what they now do, is that they took the equipment to mark the shark and they returned the shark back into the sea.

And within these TV shows, what is something «remarkable» is that the way used to attract the audience, is through presenting all these «dangerous species» as a challenge for anglers to catch their «trophy» in a way that is able to be justified as «preservation», when at the eyes of someone that actually is willing to see the abuse and the deception on it, is that all that this man care, is about being the next one face for the «magazines of this sport» (What a lovely mindfuck), that was able to catch the most bigger specie of this «dangerous animals» and within that to be the new celebrity amongst all the fishermen that pay an absurd amount of money to be able to travel to all this places to catch these colossal fishes, which gives them a certain sense of «respect and admiration for wildlife» and therefore they call themselves «animal lovers». Am I wrong or these is just another bloody justification for us humans to have our «sense of respect» for these «celebrities» that take nature as just a way to make a reputation for themselves?

What are you supporting if you are creating a reputation for the animal to be called a dangerous specie that «deserves» the experience of being caught? You are supporting the illegal fishing of these animals, because you are making it to be seen as an attractive experience for anyone willing to pay thousands of dollars for a white shark jaw

Look at all the species that are hunted through placing all of these «innocent» TV shows, where apparently «nature is something great» «nature is something wild and it makes you an interesting person to have the tasty details of owning a tiger or a bear skin in your living room, where does the fucking picture is created from?

These Animal Lovers, are actually only supporting their own egos, through justifying their activities as a real «love for nature», I mean, someone that really cares about nature, would make something to stop creating the idea that nature is «something greater and fascinating» if that is making a lot of people to want to have their own fucking experience of fishing their own white sharks or to or to try with the flavored aphrodisiac «chicken broth» of shark fins and endangered fish. Why do we have so much endangered species in the planet that should be «irrelevant to our physical practical existence», if I am worried of a shark that could represent a danger for myself, I wouldn’t be swimming around where I am invading his space in which he feeds himself.

Obviously it is presented as a challenge because there are enough people willing to risk their own lives, to get their egos fulfill with a nice photo of them fishing a Great White Shark, and many of them willing to «preserve their trophies» and to bribe the authorities to enable them to retain their fucking experience wrapped in layers and layers of silicon. Obviously as we are within a system that leaves a lot of the owners of the boats with scarcity of money to be able to survive, they consider the opportunity to make a deal with the person that is willing to pay enough so that they allow «just one more illegal catch».

Animal Planet is just as Green Peace, another fucking way of abusing the expression of animals to make them more attractive to people and impulse the image «of a dangerous, exciting experience» of going into the sea or the jungle to catch one of these animals so that the people is able to buy exotic species as pets or have jaws in their living rooms

And I want to share something that I have realized from these experience and is the insistence of many biologist and many scientist to make the nature to not be seen as «greater or fantastic» as it has been presented because it is impulsing the abuse and justifications of the people that want to own the skin or jaws of the animals that are actually only expressing themselves

This is another case exposed of a man that pulled out a Great White Shark out of the sea:

Great White Hooked From Public Pier

Great Whites Are Protected
Great Whites Are Protected


June 18, 2003 — A California fisherman could be sent to jail and fined after reeling in a great white shark off a Los Angeles area public pier, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Abraham Ulloa was fishing with his children when he hooked a 6-foot, 200-pound great white shark and, after a two-hour struggle, pulled it onto the Hermosa Beach pier.

Great white sharks are a protected species and the penalty is a fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail.


The 45-year-old general contractor said he was unaware that the junior jaws he caught with his fishing rod on May 31 was a great white. He has not been charged.

«I am not an expert on sharks,» he told the newspaper. «I cannot tell the difference between a great white and a mako (shark). It took a marine biologist with an education and more than 20 years of experience to come to that conclusion.»

Hermosa Pier is one of a couple of dozen piers that dot the southern California coastline. The area is popular with bathers and surfers.

Unlike global shark hot spots like Hong Kong and Durban, South Africa, Los Angeles beaches aren’t ringed by protective shark netting.

Ulloa said it took four people to haul the one- to two-year-old shark up over the pier railing.

Ulloa has not been charged with a crime but Department of Fish and Game spokesperson Rebecca Hartman said she intends to file a misdemeanor charge this week. Hartman said the great white needs to be protected from anglers.

«Our laws are set up for the protection of the animals, not for us,» Hartman told the Times. «If he was unsure what kind of shark it was, he should have let it go.»

Marine experts say the number of great whites has decreased dramatically off the California coast in the last decade. Great whites give birth to a maximum of just two pups.

Young great whites feed on small bottom fish in coastal waters and are not considered a threat to bathers or surfers, the newspaper said. By the time they reach maturity they leave the coastal areas for deeper water.

I enjoy the expression of the Big Animals as anyone of these Fisherman, but if this continues, we are not going to see any other Great White Shark as the more exciting memory that we will have of them will be a gold fish in our living room

What is left of your life now that you are dead?

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It is very well known today, at difference of some years ago, that there is a problem, a problem that can and will determine the outcome of everything that we have come to know as the earth in which we live and exist; a fact that our behavior as a race, specie, generation of consumerists that we have become as the new definition of what a human being is; a virus that sucks out every single inch of energy for its own commodity, for its own benefit, for its own pleasure, just to be able to experience for a moment the succulency of the technology that we have come to develop, making ourselves believe and hope and create many ideas of what we are worthy of, what we deserve, what we are able to take and justify to take it by standing within believes and ideas of an special right, an special consideration amongst other living beings, as the belief of the strongest over the weaker, the right of a law that we have created for our own benefit, in the exactly same way that we have created an entity or a scientist that has apparently given to us this right, this justification; we have become amazed and surprised of our own intellect, our own evolution.

Yet, there is an experience that has not been considered by the humanity itself, and that is the real outcome of our own evolution, our own accepted behavior, our own developments, creations, advances, technologies, decisions, actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings; this is the result of a destructive behavior that transcends every evil in which we have ever believed, because it seems so great, so powerful, so fearful and in certain way so beautiful, that we don´t even dare to see it when is right in front of our own eyes, this is our own desire that has taken the form of power and control and direction of our own approach to freedom. Here we are in the 21th century, still expecting, hoping, waiting for something to happen, something to save us, something or someone to become the new leader to direct us to this path of salvation, curiously from our own creations.

I have seen an atheist to appeal to governments to do something in the same way that a Christian prays to a God, an entity, a Saviour, a perfect picture placed maybe in a wall within a room of the house, or in a poster on the top of a building with the logo of a new promising campaign that comes with a new white, black, yellow, blue man full with the same promises, that everybody wants and expects to be fulfilled, and at the same time, both of them knowing within themselves the truth, being that such promises are never going to be fulfilled or approached in any way whatsoever, at least not by the ways in which has been proposed. Yes, this is the result of our evolution, this is the result of all the wars that were fought, all the constitutions that were wrote, all the people that died, all for nothing, all for this inevitable outcome that we have approach once again, and maybe for the last time, to make a decision, is this going to continue? Are we going to allow this to happen again? Perhaps for the last time? And maybe it´s too late, maybe there is nothing to be done, maybe is useless. As I have seen such statements reflected in the face of many people, that have already at this stage bowed their heads and sighing still hopeful that there is mercy for humanity, mercy imposed by this divine justice, in which they hope will be in their favor if they humiliate and enslave themselves singing praises and bowing their heads to this divine justice that they hope will come to save them; and I refer myself to those people who have bowed their head and sighed in defeat: what a pity…What a pity! and what a shame you have made of yourselves! you have made of this life, still not wanting to realize that you are the first creators of that which is able to save you, that is able to stand and to do what is necessary to be done! To take action and make the clear and absolute statement: This is over! Till here no further! I speak up and I stand up! Its the end of the abuse, the end of poverty, the end of war, the end of ignorance, the end of regret, shame, guilt and hope!

Many have come with apparent solutions, disguised with the promise of freedom, and we have believed such words, we have placed trust and hope in such words, but I ask: Who were the ones that knew within themselves what was necessary to be done? expecting others to do it for themselves? who were those expecting someone to take responsibility for them? There is no government or dictator that we are able to blame! There is no someone, no nothing, that you are able to trust in this world, how?!, why?!. Tell me, is this the meaning of progress?, is this the meaning of evolution?, is this the result and the meaning of what a human being is able to be? if so great is the word of your God or your scientist, or your motivational speaker? Why has this been allowed? Why is that such words haven´t been lived or applied?

This has been said before, and is not the last time that will be said, and is not too late! Is not yet the time to duck down, and sigh with hope and repentance, that time is never going to come, because our heads are already down and our sighs reflect hope and repentance. This is the time to stand up! This is the time to stop! There is no turning back from now on, because this is the first time, that we as humanity, as an entirety, as a whole, is going to stand up! Look at it, it has never happen before really, everything has been the same since the very beginning, there are no fallen angels in your skies, because they never have risen before! and no one is going to do it for you!

What is necessary to be done? Is to get known who you are and what you are capable of, is to stand and do what we have always known that is necessary to be done, I know that you know, that this is the end of poverty, this is the end of the abuse in this world, this is the end of what we knew since we came to this world, is and has been unacceptable, and that was able to be solved in another way, a way that is best for everyone and for everything in this life.