The abolition of slavery is a delusion

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First of all i want to begin this blog with an statement that i have recently understood: “In the law there is no free will or free choice”

This means that you are subdued to the system since birth, (in fact no one ask you if you liked it or not, you just have to follow and obey and if you don’t you will punish = go to jail,)Why? So that the system get sure that when the other people look at the murderers they fear and respect the system trough fearing to be with those that are “the bad guys, those that you have to fear”

The statement that you can see in the law looks simple:

Amendment XIII. (1865)
Section 1. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

What is not simple is the mind control behind it perfectly designed and very cleaver I most admit

You have to pay taxes, that is a fact, what is not a fact is if you will be able to do it, or to understand how it works, because it is never explained properly, now let me start with the beginning of the end of your peace of mind

When you are born you are told by media, by your friends, family to have and earn stuff, we like stuff because it makes us feel good about ourselves for a moment because it gives you the idea that you are able to control and rule your world, the world of your stuff or your mindfuck (so to speak)

Then a fascinating thing happens when you go to school as you start to realize that you must obey and be subdued to the rules of the system, you will start to realize that you have no control of the world and not even of yourself, you will rebel against the system that is your parents and teachers because they are the first representation of authorities that you had but you will not stop the desire of getting and attaining more stuff

Accordingly to the law, you are “free” in a ironical sense, because you will realize something as you look at the way that you were imposed to obey the rules, first you had the control of your world in your stuff and now someone has come, has removed your stuff and now has demonstrated and proved that he has authority over you by making statements like, you must learn this this and that, and you have to dress this this and that and you have to speak like this, like that and obviously you want to get back what was taken from you, the control and the “freedom of choice that you had”, the problem is, everyone respect this guy and this guy becomes in fact the owner of your parents and of yourself

So, you will start to follow the rules of the system to be able to retrieve back your stuff = the idea of control, trough the law of the system: “The money that you have is the personality you acquire and the personality you acquire will impose rules and control over other personalities accordingly to the money you can pay to afford that personality” so that you are able to feel good with yourself in an idea of control

You are to certain extent free to kill another because you believe that you have free will or free choice but the reality is that you will do it because you are paid for it, then it means accordingly to the system that it has been a service that you give to your country and not murderer as it really is, well at this moment you will realize that money is equal to freedom and therefore what does it means or implies to be conditioned by fear as a mind control and how it is related to the actual state of the world?

why you are paid for it? because the stuff you buy has a very important value to you, it means control and security for yourself trough feeding a personality within yourself and that only promotes one thing within other human beings that are not able to have access to the same resources, the desire of competition within the system, the survival instinct and therefore the death of half of the planet in poverty

If you are a soldier, you will be paid to kill those that you are commanded to kill and if you are a “vulgar thief” and you kill someone, you will go to jail but you are still doing a very valuable contribution to your country because at more fear, more security, more taxation, more wars, more money to the system, now you understand why you are paid for it?

This has been a brief introduction of the real shit, let me continue

Money is the lord of the world, the control of everything that directs human beings to do anything in the name of it, even the word love, means money

Every stuff that you have, requires of someone to do it, it doesn’t just appear from nowhere, there are many people behind the product that you buy, in a factory at thousands of miles away there is a worker behind a machine earning cents that if you look at it honesty it is simple not enough to have a life that you could define as worthy of dignity

If you look at the products that we consume, especially products discounted and cheaper, you will realize something ver interesting, if you take into consideration everything that was required to do the product: materials, people, transportation, gasoline, manufacturing, laws that were required for you to be able to buy the product, etc…; is that you really didn’t pay for that product

When you look at the way that money moves and the real reason why it moves in the specific way it moves, you can look at something interesting, you have access to that products at that cost because it implies that the country in which you live has his own control over other countries, how? trough war, trough punishment, trough fear

There are agreements and rules between the countries for this abuse, it is called a free trade agreement, these agreements are fully tax by the country that owns the resources, the question is, who has control over that country? The country itself?, other countries? or it´s maybe us?

Think about it, who are those that demands the country and to the government for more resources? for more stuff? who are those that are asking for more and better education? who are those that are demanding to governments to bring more and better services? You know what is required for those things to exist? You have to develop them, the only one problem is that we also demand that the cost of the services must be cheap, the only solution WITHIN THE CURRENT SYSTEM THAT THE GOVERNMENTS FOUND AND CONSIDER “APPARENTLY” WAS THE RECRUITMENT OF CHEAP LABOR, IN OTHER COUNTRIES, THAT BECAME SUBDUED TO THE IMPOSITIONS OF OUR DEMANDS TROUGH WAR, TROUGH FEAR, TROUGH PUNISHMENT, TROUGH IPADS…(SO TO SPEAK)

We demand the governments to take responsibility for crime on the streets, the crime we allow, the crime we pay trough the imposition of apparent morality over other people who are starving and have to steal to be able to make a dignified life within this system, our governments also steal and rape through taxation and through the allowance of pornography and we do also allow such abuse within ourselves trough buying and asking to others to take responsibility for ourselves

We pay for Christmas and for Thanks Giving day, are you aware of the people and the animals that are abused within the factories in other countries? Are we aware that those impositions over other people in other countries were only able to be reach trough our own fear and greed to earn power, control, stuff and a beautiful feeling of morality?

It is simple to see you know? to look at it, what is not simple is to explain it and most difficult to understand it

Because it would be simple for you to realize within yourself that what you don´t understand is how is that you are participating in it, why would you be concern, you know…?, it is not my responsibility is the government, the country, and the brainwash…really?

You want to know why do you feel like you don’t understand the reality within yourself? It is because we don’t want to recognize that since the very implementation of the system we have been murdering, slaughtering, robing, raping, abusing other human beings, the human beings that made that products, YES…we are the responsible´s

And you know, you will maybe end to read this blog, you will close down the window, think that I am just another asshole telling you what you are supposed to think or to do so that I am able to change “your opinion”, maybe you will not listen what I have said and you will just keep blaming the governments etc, maybe you will ignore every sign within your world of the existence of abuse, at least when it begins to be done unto you but at the end of the day you will realize that all the control of your relationships, all your dependencies to money, to sex, to entertainment are in fact the proof that we have been brainwashed, manipulated, directed but it was only possible because we participated in it, we desired the power, the control, the delusion, we desire another to take responsibility for ourselves

You will realize when you look at your own children and you get old and tired that your own children are exactly equal to other children in the world and that your children are the reflection of yourself, and that would mean only one thing, we have killed our own children and we have killed ourselves

Change yourself and you will change the world:

Las bases de nuestra Constitución (Física)

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En un principio la ley fue creada por la luz blanca y después traída y esparcida globalmente de acuerdo a lo que se percibió resultaría la mejor forma de existir entre los seres,  según la teoría general del derecho y el estado declara que las leyes, no pueden hacerse en base al interés personal de los seres y que los deseos e intereses que fueran establecidos posteriormente por las motivaciones o investigaciones que fueran, forman parte de la constitución y aquello que no se encuentre establecido no forma parte de un concepto jurídico y resulta por ende irrelevante, (esto resulta un declaración interesante ya que también explica porque un cambio no ha sido hecho hasta ahora, ya que como no se encuentra dentro de nuestro interés personal es completamente ignorado, así como la principal razón por la cual los vídeos que hacemos y los vídeos que hace desteni, no son aceptados o siquiera vistos, porque no están dentro del interés personal de las personas no es considerado como algo que fundamente o forme parte de las leyes de la conciencia que viven y aplican las personas porque no existe dentro de su interés)

¿porque las leyes no apoyan a todos por igual? si estas establecen que buscan no generar el derecho si no “reconocerlo”

¿si las leyes defienden a las compañías que son consideradas personas, entonces porque estas personas pueden pagar su “derecho a validar o justificar las leyes en favor de sus intereses personales” si aun dentro de las normativas de lo que se considera una personalidad aceptable de la sociedad o como prefiero llamarla “controlable” infringe dichas normativas y se le es tolerado el abuso a otros seres?

lo que es definido como derecho positivo, ya esta hablando desde la perspectiva de considerar tal aceptación de tal abuso como algo “aceptable o valido” de acuerdo a los intereses establecidos en dichas leyes y por lo tanto, establece que la validación y aceptación de la pobreza existe por culpa o responsabilidad del individuo y no por responsabilidad del sistema mismo, ya que esta también manifiesta que la realidad especifica del derecho no se manifiesta en la conducta real de los individuos sometidos al orden jurídico; (es decir lo que establece es que la pobreza es reconocida según las leyes como un estado del ser y por ello deriva o implica la aceptación del individuo (su elección) a existir en pobreza);tal “conducta” puede hallarse o no de acuerdo con el orden cuya existencia constituye la realidad en cuestión

menciono esto por los siguientes puntos que considero relevantes para ampliar esta perspectiva

(frente a la separación del estado y la iglesia, la aceptación ya programada en los seres y reconocimiento de la iglesia como la dictaminadora de las leyes “reales” y esto también de acuerdo a la validación y aceptación de temer a un dios, la gente opta en la mayoría de los casos si no es que en todos en seguir su conciencia y esta llega a matar en nombre de dios o del “amor” en vez de seguir la ley que según jueces y magistrados están diseñadas en el beneficio común de las personas y separados ya de la iglesia)

(el otro punto es que el estado se separa de la responsabilidad de la experiencia y conducta humana que es el resultado ya manifestado de la aceptación y permiso de dichas leyes que establecen que el sistema en cuestión y por lo tanto la experiencia de los seres en el actual sistema esta basada en la experiencia misma que el sistema a generado y que esta solo puede ser tratada y pagada si las personas tienen la suficiente cantidad de dinero para pagar un psicólogo o un psiquiatra)aunque en realidad si ya tienes suficiente dinero ni siquiera te preocupas por dichas experiencias o no son creadas

así que las leyes que primero fueron aceptadas (diseñadas) y permitidas por la iglesia y que manifestaron en un abuso extremo que no definiría como “diferente al que se experimenta actualmente”, fue negada la responsabilidad de la manifestación de dichas experiencias y de la conducta humana generada durante esos periodos, siendo nuestra mismísima psicopatía una manifestación de tan arraigado abuso, (no solo del sistema a nosotros sino de nosotros para con nosotros mismos), manifestada por el “anterior sistema” al declararlo como separado del actual sistema o gobierno lo cual no tiene sentido ya que no es tomado en consideración el origen y base de la constitución originaria de las primeras leyes aceptadas y permitidas por la humanidad como las leyes de dios y que estas encuentran su punto de partida de haber sido expandidas y determinadas globalmente como las bases de la sociedad

la gente vota a consecuencia y conformidad de un pequeño cambio y se tolera el abuso en el sistema dentro de la creencia que no se es capaz de cambiarlo, nosotros somos el sistema y esta en nuestro voto y lo que permitimos y aceptamos lo que exigimos y demandamos, lo que compramos y vendemos lo que sera llevado a términos de lo que es considerado un derecho jurídico en cuestión, ya que es en el beneficio común de las personas y no en sus intereses personales

se cree que la verdad es la que se reconoce como tal y que un amigo es el que te acepta y ama y que resulta ser una buena “COMPAÑÍA”, sin embargo la realidad que hemos negado como humanidad a ver que dichas “compañías” son de tal naturaleza que constituyen en nosotros y en nuestros principios el apoyo y soporte de los vicios y falsedades y que la verdad que validamos esta lejos de ser la realidad que existe frente a nuestros ojos

Las consecuencias y la “corrupción” que tampoco se quiere ver del sistema y que resulta no ser mas que un síntoma de lo que en verdad ha sido permitido y aceptado pero al aceptar tal corrupción también negamos las consecuencias de negar la realidad, la existencia y a la vida misma

por ultimo en el libro “Teoría del Derecho y el Estado” por Hals Kelsen menciona: Toda la ideología política tiene sus raíces en la voluntad, no en el conocimiento, en el elemento emocional de nuestra conciencia no en el elemento racional (la conciencia es la ley, ya que la voluntad no existe en la conciencia, solo la sigue y obedece)