Love, Sex, Drugs, Party, Money, Hope, Narcissism, Transformation – Common Song Themes – Day 14

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Written by: Joao Jesus

Love, Sex, Drugs, Party, Money, Hope, Narcissism, Transformation – Common Song Themes – Day 14

There are, essentially, just a few themes/categories of song lyrics that are constantly being played on TV and Radio.
Most of the songs are actually Destructive: they brainwash/program the human to accept the current condition we exist as.
Seldom will we find songs that are actually worthy of being heard.
Here are the main themes/categories:
1 – Relationships/Love (polarity «I love you»/»I hate you» — «I can’t live without you»/»I hope you suffer»)
This kind of «love» is absolute deception. Unless one Live and express Love for ALL through making one’s words and deeds that which is Best for All, then there is no such thing as Love.
If one Limits «Love» to just one being (or a family or a particular group) then such love is nothing but actually a disregard for the rest of existence. As such, this «love» is actually DESTRUCTIVE. Millions of crimes are committed in the name of «love». Tremendous harm is created from the starting point of such conditional «love». Therefore, «Relationship/Love» songs are in fact a huge problem!
2- Sex
Understand that REAL SEX is a Physical Expression.
The «Sex» that is portrait in songs is purely an energetic mind fuck — there is no reality to it. It is all based on desires, fantasies, imaginations, abuse, objectification (mainly of the female body).
In other words, there is nothing within it of value — in fact, it is all DESTRUCTIVE. If we consider music videos, what we in fact see is something that can actually be called «soft porn». This is extremely problematic, yet it is allowed.
3 – Drugs/Party/alcohol
I suppose I do not need to indicate how damaging drugs and alcohol are… It is an enormous problem (mainly the legal high, alcohol) and we are still a long way to fully comprehend the seriousness of putting such poisons in the body.
There is nothing wrong with a «party» — but I would like to see how many people could actually party if there was no substances to alter one’s consciousness for a moment, to be able to forget about the fucked world we live in, instead of actually doing something substantial about it.
Realize that Partying is not a solution for anything. It does not matter how much you party, you can never part from the problematic parts that make up who you have become. You must always face you, and you can start doing so by stopping the abuse of such substances.
4- Narcissism / «I am a Bad Boy»
«Yo Yo Yo, look at me… Yo!»
Please… Stop wanking in from of the mirror and realize that you have some serious issues you must really sort out.
Absolute valueless songs…
The only possible value these songs have is for those that create them, because there they can look in the mirror and see how insecure they have become. It is all a mask, it is all a personality, «bro», sort it out!
5 – Money / «Bling bling» / Consumerism
Take your money away and lets see who you really are… Anyone that praises the current economic system and brags about how successful they are — he/she is simply an abuser. For gods to exist, slaves must exist. One man’s luxury is the poverty of one million man.
«I wanna be a billionaire» — how many people in poverty does it take to make a billionaire?
These types of song only entice the desire to have riches while making one ignore the reality of suffering and struggle that billions of people exist in. These are incredibly DESTRUCTIVE songs!
6 – «I am a fuck up»/ «poor me» (Depression)
These songs offer no solution. Yes, we are all quite fucked, but to remain in self pity is like remaining in the pit of one’s own feces and vomit. Again, these are DESTRUCTIVE songs!
7- God/religious / Hope
Well, the elephant in the room…
Sorry, but these songs are PURE DECEPTION! Absolutely DESTRUCTIVE!
These songs will give you the FEELING that there is a «way», that there is «hope», that someone will take you out of your own «pit of feces and vomit» (you mess…) — but then nothing happens. Jesus will not save anyone, God has neglected his creation and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selasie I is dead – so, no luck for the Rastas either…
Placing responsibility on some fictional mental fragment of some sort of entity is quite the definition of Irresponsibility.
Wake the fuck up! WE ARE THE ONES that MUST ACT! We are the ones that MUST CHANGE! We are the ones that MUST UNITE, in EQUALITY. Nothing and no one can do that for ourselves but OURSELVES!
Please, for the sake of world peace, stop singing and listening to these songs!
It is time to ACT, for REAL!
8- Narrative
Here we can have things going either way: Destructive/Reactive or Constructive/Creative — one must be Self Honest and look at the «Morality of the Story». The song will be «Constructive/Creative» if the Narrative is aligned with the next category.
9 – Freedom / Change / Realization / Revolution / Rebellion / Transformation
With these types of lyrics one must be really careful because it is very easy to hide a small, but very destructive, lie within many truthful words.
Here are some insights when one is looking at lyrics that seem to fit this category:
– None is Free until ALL are Free.
– Freedom starts from within and is then acted/lived in physical reality
– Freedom = Free of Doom = Free of Mood = Free from Mood Swings = Free from Polarity = Free From Energy Possession
– Change is physically measurable
– It takes a Decision to Change, but it takes a Process to Manifest the Change
– Change is Self-Created
– Realization is to Realize Who the REAL I truly IS
– It is through a process of Self Change that one get to the Physical Realization of what Freedom is
– Only the Revolution/Rebellion of Self is Real. This means that one comes to a point where Self-Deception is no longer acceptable and thus one start a process of Self-Change.
– Transformation is a part of the Process of Self-Change that takes place through Forming new behaviors that are aligned with the Principle of Equality and Oneness as What is Best for All.
If the songs are not aligned with these pointers, then you know that there is a problem!
So, now you can take a look at how many songs one can hear that are actually Benevolent and how many are just feeding the fire of abuse and deception that exists in the world.
More on this to come…