Relationship Success Support: Resolving Conflict Live Counselling

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Join our very first live Destonian Relationship Support counselling session! We will be covering the current challenges being faced in this relationship that include: persistent irritation with your partner, blaming your partner, projecting onto your partner, processing conflict in different ways, responding to your partner with emotional reaction instead of support and any other points that open up in the discussion. Our goal and focus will be on creating an open discussion of sharing self and self investigation, in order to work towards developing understanding and solutions. Viewers are welcome to post questions and comments during the live transmission.

From World Witness to World Changer

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What motivates and inspires someone to become an activist? What is the force behind activism? What is the relationship between activism and purpose? Is activism a trait you are born with or a decision you make for yourself? How can you live your creative potential as an activist? How do you know that you want to be activist? After over 100 hangouts hosted by Marlen Vargas Del Razo, today’s hangout will be hosted by a guest-host who will interview her to discuss these questions and more.

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Marlen Vargas Del Razo