The Meaning of words is important to you?

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Through our education we have been shown and told words and how to use them

But have you ever asked yourself, what would happen if the words that you learn and the meaning of the words were shown to you in a way that you find yourself using them to justify and excuse you from taking responsibility?

What would be the real meaning of the words for you if these are used in ways that disregard completely the expression of yourself that is you?!

And what if you were told to speak the words in such a way that you cannot even realize that you have been showed how to be dishonest by using words?

The education system has become in fact the fabric of the tiny organic robots that are showed and learned how to function in a system that is educating them to be dishonest with themselves

How? through placing value within words in separation of themselves, placing them in a polarity system under the golden rule of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable accordingly to what the system defines as good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative and within that you are showed what is what makes you valuable and what not, what makes you inferior or superior to others accordingly to what your development within the education system becomes in the number that defines you as stupid or smart

the golden rule is in fact another “principle” within the idea and perception of what the gold means to the system, gold is just a stone is not something with value, so what is the point in making of the gold something that rules you?

Then couldn´t it means that the very “values” that makes you valuable to the system are in fact ruled by gold?

The definition of the words is another point where the humanity has become the programmed organic robots that we have accepted ourselves to become, let´s say for instance that for you “the truth” and the meaning of it, is directly connected accordingly to you, to your religion, and everything that is out of your religion is something that is not truth just because you believe and want it to be so

Then, what would it imply that the definition of the word “truth” has become something that is directly referred to yourself interest? Your own GOLDEN RULE again?

The new school has been opened to deprogram yourself, prepared to a few slaps into the reality?

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