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SOUL is a new program that has recently seeing the light announced practical . It’s an exciting new program that has been set up to offer exactly the kind of tools and solutions for anyone who looks out for changing those little things in their lives who are simply not working…

Let´s take a little exaple – No one likes the way constant worrying makes you feel, so why is it so difficult to stop? The answer lies in the beliefs—both negative and positive— that one creates around oneself and who one apparently is in relation to worrying.

But what does it mean to bring solutions and what are exactly the kind of solutions that SOUL offers?

Environmental Sustainability

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Why is the Environment not an integral part of economic considerations? What consequences have we created from our lack of consideration? What countermeasures are in place and are they effective? Join us with comments and questions with our guest Garbrielle Goodrow

Hosted by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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